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Quest Diagnostics HSV 1/2 igG Type Specific Antibody Results


My last possible exposure to HSV was on new years day 2014. I had protected sex with an unknown partner. I then had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on 1/25. She complained of slight pain and itching after few days, and her obgyn took a swab in mid feb because she had yellowish green discharge. Obgyn indicated she saw yeast in wet mount, and also a lot of WBC. Gonn/Clamydia was negative and her obgyn said it was some sort of cervicitis. She said she didn't see any trichomonas. At that time, I experienced testicular discomfort in mid February,  and got my gonn/clamydia urine test done which turned out negative. In March, I developed some redness on the head of penis which is worsened after masturbation / sexual activity. Corona of the glans is still swollen purplish red color. I did complete panel std test on 3/28 which is 12 weeks and 2 days since the new years day of unknown exposure. All were negative / non-reactive including HSV 1/2 igg type specific antibody test by Quest Diagnostics (less than 0.9 for HSV 1/2). I felt little bit better with the results, however recently my girlfriend developed a round pea sized bump outside of her vagina, next to the outer labia.

Given that we were free of any STDs before this year, and I've been noticing changes to my penis glans and minor testicle pain and my girlfriend of many years have been noticing weird discharge with recent pea sized bump, could it be that I did get HSV during my exposure in new years day? Should I re-test with HSV 1/2 igg specific antibody test at 16 weeks mark (in 2 weeks)? Should I get WB test at 16 weeks mark? Some articles state 3-6 months is needed to produce enough igg antibodies to HSV 1/2. Should I wait 6 months and re-test? I am very distraught by this situation and confused. Quest Diagnostics also did not provide an exact value of the antibody level. They just provided <0.90.

Your thoughts and input is greatly appreciated.
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Your symptoms are not related to herpes. The testing at 12 weeks is conclusive. It would have been better to have type specific testing, but you are negative for both in any event. No need for further blood testing, but have suspicious symptoms swabbed.
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It was type specific igg testing after 12 weeks. Should I retest at 16 weeks or wait until 6 months? I am worried because my glans has been not the same anymore. red patches and swollen coronas of glans and girlfriend has developed yellow green discharge with itching burning and pea sized bump outside of the labia. If all STDs are negative, what could be causing those kind of symptoms in me and my girlfriend?
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Anyone want to provide an input? Much appreciated. Thnx.
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