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Question about tests and symptoms

About nine weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a person I met at a conference. She is married. I am also married having only been with my wife. The other woman claims she is std free but will not get tested. I have asked numerous times but she will not get tested. I have not told my wife but plan on telling her at twelve weeks.

I have been tested several times since then for just about everything. All negative. At five weeks I was tested for Hsv 1 and 2 with an igg select 1 and igg select 2. Hsv 1 came back positive with a 1.6. Hsv 2 came back negative with a .2. Igm was negative for both.

Got tested again at 7.5 weeks (mainly because I thought I was at 8.5 weeks). When I went in for tests I noticed they were only running the igm tests. After I had my blood drawn i had an appointment with the doctor. I asked him to have the igg select tests run.

Here is the potential problem, I got my results back and the igg select numbers were the same as the previous tests at five weeks. Positive hsv1 at 1.6 and negative hsv2 at .2. Igm tests were negative. They did run an igg 1&2 combo test this time and it was positive at 15.6 (high?).

Could the results from two consecutive tests be the same?

Also my symptoms started two days post encounter. I had pain in my testicles which I thought was from my boxers twisting when I slept the previous night. (I have had something like that happen before, sore for a couple of days). Went to see doctor because it felt pretty uncomfortable. The pain lasted over a week. Did not tell him about sex with other woman. Next couple of days I had some pain in urethra not necessarily when urinated. But after I urinated it felt as if I was having to go agin for about ten minutes after urination. The urination issue lasted a few weeks. No discharge. About the same time as the urination issue I developed a rash of sorts on both sides of groin where scrotum meets thigh. They are flesh colored bumps that when I sweat turn red and and feel irritated. I have had those for about the whole nine weeks. They seemed to go away for about two days at around the four weeks mark but came back. I also have what the doctor called a friction burn or something in the crease as well that seems to come and go. Went to the doctor again about a week after encounter when all of these symptoms were there and he said they did not appear to std related but did not have any explanation as to what it was. I have been back several times since then, probably about 5-6 times total. Each time he says it is not herpes. My most recent visit was after I had my last test. I have not had any lesions of any sort in this time.

At about 4 weeks he gave sulfacetamide lotion to use on the groin creases. After about a week it seemed like it was helping but then I noticed a red irritated patch just below the head of my penis. So I went back to the doctor. I had to see another doctor as the doctor I was seeing was out. This was four days after I noticed the red patch. He seemed to be leaning towards it not being herpes but could not say either way because there were no blisters. He said it could be burn from the sulfacetamide. He did give me a prescription for acyclovir and told me to get tested. That was my first Round of hsv tests. Tests came back five days later as negative and I stopped taking the acyclovir. The redness however spread until it covered the whole circumference of the penis below the head and the bottom rim of the head. It went down the shaft about an inch. I also got pain in my urethra not unbearable but noticeable. Stopped using sulfacetamide. Irritation on penis went away for most part but still a little red on the underside of penis and below head. I did put sulfacetamide one on the redness of the penis once and a couple of days later the penis looked like it had dry skin on it but never peeled. Was off of sulfacetamide for week and the irritation really felt like it came on strong. He had me use ketaconazole next which seemed to help for a week but still get irritation every now and then. I have been playing softball once a week the whole time and it has been extremely hot lately so I sweat down there. Which seems to really irritate things. The rash does not look like jock it since it is not raised or really red. When I pull my pubic hair I can tell that they are part of the bumps. For the last two weeks I have some urethra pain, never when I pee sometimes though after pee. I have had large hard bowel movements the last week or so and some cloudy discharge comes out when straining. I have not ejaculated in over a month. Sometimes there is some discomfort when the discharge happens. Yesterday I noticed what appeared to be an infected hair follicle on my scrotum, which I do not shave. Yesterday there was a hair in it but today there is not and every once in a while there is a slight twinge of pain in that area. I have had headaches and some mild sore throats but I can't really pin point if these were around what you would consider outbreaks.

Sorry for so long of a post but does this sound like herpes to any one?
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Should add that the penetration during sex only lasted 30 seconds max. ( a little embarrassing).we did try a few more times but I could not get hard again and never really was inside her again. Did "grind" a little and she did oral on me for about ten seconds.
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your symptoms do not sound like genital herpes at all. at this point I'd see a dermatologist if they continue.

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What about the test results being the same? Is that odd? Should I get retested?
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not odd at all.  I wouldn't bother retesting.
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The doctor doesn't seem to really know what it is in my groin, but I do appear to have sebhorric dermatitis on my cheeks and eyebrows even though it is in the summer.

Should I be concerned that she won't get tested? She said she had all the other tests done but when i asked to see results she said no but that they were negative. I asked her to get herpes test done and she said She is confident she doesn't have it so she would not get tested. She said she is going to move in a positive direction. I am having trouble believing her.
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The crease gets pretty sore and can hurt and burn off and on. There are tiny red bumps but some appear to be hair follicles. If this were to be herpes would me playing softball once a week cause the symptoms to stick around for a while?
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no, playing sports wouldn't cause you to have herpes symptoms stick around.

most likely this is irritation or a fungal infection more than anything std related.
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I know it is her choice and I asked earlier but should I be upset/worried that she won't get tested?
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Ok does this definitely confirm that this is a fungal type issue and not herpes? Yesterday I was so busy that I did not shower and did not put on my cream. The burning was not there until really late at night but even then it was not severe. I even did a lot of hard labor in the yard. Plus the sebhorreic dermatitis (which by the way i have not been diagnosed with but have had similar incidents in past) seemed to do really well and I did not wash my face at all yesterday. Today took a shower this morning dried off forgot the cream but put on an hour later and the burning is back and my face is bad again this time moving to forehead and temple area. Could face stuff be herpes? When I get out of the shower there is a lot of dead skin around nostrils. It looks like I have wet flour on my nostrils when i get out of the shower.
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I also have what appears to be a lot skin flakes on my eyebrow just above and around where the eyebrow and nose meet. I realize the Greek meaning of herpes but since i have had this for over two weeks close to three, maybe even longer, would herpes then "crawl" to my temples and forehead? Does it appear and pretty much stay put while there is an outbreak? Sorry for all the questions.
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all you can do at this point is to continue to follow up with your provider and/or a dermatologist for your symptoms.

you'd have to ask your prior partner why she won't get tested. I couldn't even begin to guess her reasoning for not doing so.
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Her reply is she is too busy and is going to move in a positive direction. Does not make me feel good.

Does herpes look like dry skin? It is all in my eyebrow hair and above my nose. Really flakes off when I wash with head and shoulders on my face.

Can herpes outbreaks have a good day and then a bad day? Like what I described above? Or does it hurt pretty much until it goes away?
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