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Question for Grace regarding the Herpeselect and strange cuts

Hi Grace,

I posted here about two months ago regarding ingrown hairs and I did end up testing negative for both HSV1/HSV2 at nearly 9 weeks past possible exposure, indicating no past or current exposure to HSV1/2. I have been increasing my water intake recently in order to stay hydrated. I have unfortunately been checking out my vaginal area as a result of stress (this is VERY common for me to do) for a few days. In going to the bathroom so much because I've had to urinate, I might have made my vagina dry.

I noticed after I spread apart my labia minora that I had ended up with about 3 cuts. They do not hurt. It doesn't hurt when I go to the bathroom either. I have a sensitive labia minora and have some "fordyce" spots but I'm not sure if I need to be worried or not...because I am. Please help, I really am worried sick over this and I feel like it is taking over my life!
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you tested negative for herpes. why continue to think herpes?

see your provider if you are concerned for a proper work up.

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I went back today. I had to pick up a pap result from my family doctor but I had seen the clinic at school too. Both said that these cuts don't look like herpes. I did, however, retest for herpes, although my doctor said he did not think my results would change. The nurse practitioner at school took a culture of the cuts/skin (she did not rule out anything) but told me I have bacterial vaginosis AND a yeast infection (both of which my family doctor did not see).

At nearly 9 weeks, is it a positive sign that my results were negative? I am about 15 weeks in now.
They were as follows:

Thank you.
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I recently searched "external yeast infection" and the photos from what I can see seem to look a little like the skin peeling/cuts I've noticed on my labia minora (they don't hurt or itch...or burn either).

Also, based on my blood test results, do you think I am truly negative? Thank you for your constant support to us all.
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yes indeed yeast infections can weaken the skin and cause it to tear easily.  

no reason for more herpes testing. you've had multiple negative tests now for herpes.

it can be a booger to get rid of vaginitis - keep going back as needed once you've treated it to make sure it's gone if you continue to have symptoms.
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I did not receive my results from my 15 week test. I had only received them for my 9 week test (sorry if that was unclear) and those were the results. Does that change your answer?
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only if the  new tests come back positive.
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I am very worried. From what photos I see (and from what the doctors told me) they don't think it's herpes. It resembles more of a yeast-infection dryness/irritation from what both my NP and doctor could tell. Really have my fingers crossed. What do you think? Doctor said he thought it'd be negative...maybe just looking for some reassurance here.
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Hi Grace!

I just received negative blood results at almost 16 weeks past exposure. I haven't gotten the culture back yet, but can I assume that it will also be negative considering my blood results were negative (and I have not had any sexual contact since then). Thanks!
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