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Questions about Type 1 and 2

I know Oral HSV2 is rare.  I suspect someone with HIV and shedding HSV2 from their mouth may have given me oral and genital herpes type 2.

Does anyone have any idea what kind of patterns these might present?

I had 1, maybe 2 cold sores on my face and very mild genital breakout that really ever feels like discomfort but no actual lesions every other period.

I know it's impossible to tell which Type it may be with a blood test, but I was curious to know if anyone had any ideas.

It could very possible by Type 1, I am just not sure.

Waiting for the blood test is driving me COO COO.
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You have had a preoccupation with HIV/HSV2 for some time. If this is the case, then please do not have sex until mutual testing has taken place. Having sex beforehand is clearly not for you.
I do not know why you suspect that someone you know has both HIV and oral HSV2, which would be very rare and didn't tell you about it. Why do you suspect this?
What were the results of your swab and blood tests?
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I suspect this because he has slept with 30 women with no condoms.  His relationships are unstable and I learned that he is abusive and controlling.  He has a disease called Klinefelter's that makes him infertile and in his undeveloped state of mind, it's his ticket to have having sex with no condoms.

He told me his ex "cheated on him with 6 people".  I honestly thought he was lying for sympathy.  It was a dumb thought.  After he gave me herpes, I do not think he was lying.

I met this guy off of a dating site and he is paranoid.  I ignored all the signs because I was naive and felt bad for him.  He was looking for cameras in my ceiling.  

My initial cold sore on my face was in the beginning of October.  I was really sick and about 7 weeks later had permanent swollen lymph nodes.

They have been swollen for about a month.  Has anyone had this same experience dealing with herpes?
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Also I was raped but okay.

I had no swab for the sore on my face.  It was there and gone within a few days.  Why do you think I have had a preoccupation with HIV and HSV for some time?

I have never had a lesion anywhere else, only minor discomfort and tingling.  I had been tested at 7 weeks and everything was negative but I knew that was wrong since I have herpes.  I was (blood) tested at 3 months a few days ago and I am still waiting for my results.

Antibodies and herpes blood tests don't seem to be very accurate.  My friend got herpes and it didn't show up in his system for 9 months - therefore I am having a hard time believing a 3 month window period for HIV.

Any information you might have will be encouraging.  Thank you kindly for your thoughts.  

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