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Questions about herpes?

I have a few questions about herpes.

1. When herpes appear do they stay in one area of the body or do they go in multiple areas like have a few spots on the thigh and some on the penis or all stay in one location of where they appear?

2. Say you had oral sex with a female and couple months come by could you show signs of herpes "if they were affected" un sure if they had it.

3. If you have herpes and have a breakout could the bumps or sores go away within a week with no issues?
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When you say you had oral sex, did you give, receive, or both? Was this a couple of months ago?

1 - You can have symptoms anywhere in the area that boxer shorts cover. Typically, you get symptoms at the point of infection, wherever the virus entered your body, but it can be anywhere in that area.

2 - Usually, you get symptoms within 2-12 days, but it's possible that you could get symptoms later.

3 - If this is a brand new infection for you, it would be unusual for you to get sores that would go away in a week with no pain, fever, etc.

If you just have spots or bumps, this is not herpes. Herpes are blisters or sores. It's not bumps. If you are unsure of what you have, you need to see your doctor.
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When you say you had oral sex, did you give, receive, or both? Was this a couple of months ago?

I received.
4 months ago. From the looks of it there like 3 of 4 spots kinda together that kinda blend in with a rash in the inner thigh by the groin area. not sure if herpes can go into a rash like form or not.
Another question can you get symptoms lie urge to pee feeling for a couple months and then have other symptoms ?
It would be really unusual to get symptoms 4 months later.

Has a doctor seen this?

If you are having an urge to pee for a couple of months, you need to see a doctor. This could be a urinary tract infection and a fungal infection, and not herpes at all.
Doctor has not seen this  yet.  it looks like the red spots by the inner thigh is gone but still have a rash of some sort in the inner thigh by the groin having some discortfort or burning like feel but nothing bad.
Rashes can be caused by so many things, and we can't diagnose you online. We can only offer guidance. You really need to see your doctor for your symptoms. You need lab testing for your urinary symptoms, possibly, and a doctor to see your rash.

Is there a reason you haven't seen a doctor yet? If money is a concern, call your local health department and ask what services they offer for low income residents. Google your county and health department, like Dade County Health Department, Cook County Health Department, New York County Health Dept., etc.

No problem, Thank you. I am think the rash is a heat rash because I was out in the heat over the weekend and the rash has gone down a bit. I  will see a doctor for the peeing issue. I am thinking it maybe stress and anxiety. My job has alot of stress.
Wanted to say thank you auntiejessi for answering some questions of mine. I do have 2 more question if you don't mind me asking. My rash in my inner thigh is gone. I think it may had been an heat rash.

1. For herpes can you have these symptoms like headache, swollen glands, without the blisters showing ?
No, you wouldn't have those symptoms without symptoms ever appearing. A headache can be caused by hundreds of different things, as can swollen glands (which aren't always swollen when we think they are).

You were out in the heat. How hydrated are you? Make sure you are drinking enough water, and laying off the caffeine and alcohol. Both of those can be really irritating to the bladder, causing some of the symptoms you've had.
I was in the heat over the weekend. I dont drink a whole lot of water then I should of.

One more question
Sorry for asking so many.
Can you have just one blister or do they come in pairs?
Have you ever seen an image of what a herpes sore looks like? It's not like a blister on your foot from a tight pair of shoes.

https://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/webmd/consumer_assets/site_images/articles/health_tools/genital_herpes_slideshow/webmd_rm_photos_of_herpes_blisters.jpg - the image on the right is a decent representation of what it looks like, close up. It's a bunch of little blisters. You can have one of those, or a lot.

The other two pics are at different stages of healing.
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