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Questions regarding latent transmission of HSV1

I get cold sores -around my nose and have tested positive for HSV1 (but not HSV2) I understand that Hsv1 can be transmitted even when I do not have an active cold sore outbreak, but I am somewhat unclear on the risk that I could transmit Hsv1 to someone from another part of my body (besides the site where I get outbreaks) through sweat or mucus etc...

Am I at all times at some risk of transmitting Hsv1 to a sexual partner when I have sex with them regardless of whether or not I am having an active outbreak?
If, for example, I DO NOT have an active outbreak of hsv1 and DO NOT kiss someone while having regular (not oral) sex with them, is there still a chance (however remote) that I might transmit hsv1 to them through only genital to genital contact alone?

I have read conflicting statistics about how likely it is to transmit Hsv1 when I DO NOT have an active outbreak. I always seem to feel a rawness around the outbreak site on my nose before I get a cold sore, is that the only time besides when i have an active sore and immediately after that I would be able to latently transmit HSV1?

Do you have statistics that reflect how likely I am to transmit Hsv1 if I kiss someone and DO NOT have an active outbreak at the time?

Thank you for your time!
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Your oral herpes sheds without obvious lesions from the oral area. You can have recurrences of it anywhere from chin to nose but it's only shedding from those areas when you have an obvious cold sore there.  the skin on the nose and chin area is too thick for the virus to shed from without obvious lesions present. The oral mucosa is thinner and the virus can shed from there in between obvious recurrences.

you aren't shedding your oral hsv1 from sweat or other body parts.  

do you have a regular partner?

we don't have transmission stats for hsv1 oral. too hard to study since 1 out of every 3 of us has it before we even step into public schools.

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Thank you Grace, I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

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