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Hi grace.
I recently had to terminate a pregnancy for medical reasons and I have had recurring yeast infections during and since. They heal with monistat and come back. I don't have insurance so I can't see my doctor for a month for my yearly. My boyfriend and I have been tested for herpes and both tested negative but we broke up and he was with one other person though he doesn't believe she had anything. Now my question.

My first period post abortion ended Sunday. We had sex Wednesday night and the next day I bled a bit and was sore. I noticed I had discharge and slight burning like my yeast infection was back. I also was very dry. By Friday I noticed I had a cut on the side of my clitoris. It looked like someone took their nail and cut into me. It was painless and over the weekend closed up without scabbing. I've been using monistat again. Is this herpes related or yeast related?? I noticed my boyfriend has red dots all over his pubic hair region under his belly button. He has no pain and they don't seem to be blisters but I'm a worrier and since we usually use condoms I don't know how I could have transferred yeast to him. I know you can't give diagnosis' but maybe some insight until I can see my doctor? Herpes? Yeast infection? Unrelated infections? I should mention that he has been on antibiotics for a sinus infection and I have taken the morning after pill, antibiotics, and had the medical abortion in early November. Sorry for the novel I just needed to hear a nurses thoughts!
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certainly you need to be seen for a proper exam and testing. not unusual at all for the hormonal changes that comes with terminating a pregnancy as well as the morning after pills to cause a ph imbalance that makes yeast infections occur. frequent yeast infections can also cause the delicate genital skin to tear more easily too.

no more self treating, get a proper exam and testing done a week after you last used monistat to see what is going on.

did they do any std testing when you went for your abortion? herpes certainly wouldn't be a part of it but I believe most clinics do test for gonorrhea and chlamydia if nothing else while there.

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Thank you for your quick response.

My boyfriend thinks im paranoid. Truth is in 2010 I was raped and I got tested for everything many times. I was told I had herpes by 3 doctors based on blood tests. I contacted Terri and she got me a correct blood test that showed that I was negative. That whole experience terrified me if doctors and I haven't been back since last February for anything. Other than my tests then, I've had no other Std testing.

We put antifungal meds on him and the redness is going away. My cut is closed but I can still see the small indent and my vaginal lips are extremely dry but I feel no other itching or burning. I'm going to schedule an appointment for next week. Just a little nervous of hearing wrong answers I suppose.

Thanks Grace!
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since you know you were negative prior to this, odds are you would've had very obvious genital symptoms if you had contracted it.

has your bf been tested for herpes to know his own status? did he also get full std testing prior to you starting to have sex together?

follow up for the yeast issues. sometimes once the yeast cycle starts, it's hard to stop it. best to make sure it's all a yeast problem and not bv too. sometimes it just sucks being female down yonder :(
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Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, my boyfriend was tested last February as well for everything. We both have hsv1 and have had cold sores but no STDs.

I have to wait to go to my gyn but my symptoms all are gone. His rash is pretty much gone as well. I guess I'll ask my doctor what he thinks. I just get worried with rashes and cut like marks and the nether regions! My mind goes to all sorts of places.

Thanks again!
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