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Quick Question - HSV2 protection against HSV1

Hi. Could someone please give me your insight. I was diagnosed with genital hsv2 about 11 years ago (picked it up without even sleeping with this particular girl). Outbreaks became rarer and rarer and only when I was super stressed or drank too much etc. I hadn’t got an OB in two years and was delighted.

I recently received unprotected oral sex from a girl I know for a while and literally 8 days later got an OB on foreskin. That was about 7 weeks ago and I now woke up to another OB but this time on my scrotum (I don’t believe I’ve ever got an OB there before. I have been under huge stress lately.

Now I’m freaked out that I picked up hsv1 from this encounter _ she had no visible sores but that means nothing right!

What is the likelihood of me picking this up while having genital hsv2?

I know that I tested negative for hsv1 many years ago when tested but positive for hsv2 genitally.

I did not have intercourse with this girl and just oral. Would I not be more likely to pick up hsv1 orally than genitally?

I must be the unluckiest guy around and I feel filthy for so many years over this curse of a virus.

I would really appreciate your expert views.
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Hsv2 offers no real protection against hsv1. The odds this is a newly acquired genital hsv1 infections is extremely low. My bet is this is your hsv2. You can have the lesions swabbed and tested.
Thanks so much for replying. Hate this condition. Anyone else have a view?
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