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Quick protected oral

I went to the bar and got protected oral sex for 15 to 30 seconds before I left. Am I at risk for herpes 1 or 2?
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In theory, you'd be at risk for genital hsv1.

In practical terms, very brief oral sex with a condom probably doesn't create a risk level that you need to worry about.

Most experts don't think that one act of oral sex warrants testing. I wouldn't worry about this if I were you.

Oral hsv2 is rare, and when it happens, it rarely recurs, rarely sheds, and therefore, very rarely transmits. I wouldn't worry about genital hsv2 from receiving oral sex at all, even if it was longer and unprotected.
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Thank you for responding. I also briefly kissed her neck and nipple. Was this a risk? I only ask because my lower lip feels wierd.

Herpes is spread by kissing (hsv1), oral sex (genital hsv1) and vaginal and anal sex (usually hsv2, can sometimes be hsv1).

Hello I've had no outbreaks am I safe? If I continued receiving oral even with a condom I could get infected? Can you get hsv on your finger through fingering or a cut?
You really had close to no risk as it gets. I wouldn't worry about that.

Yes, with a condom, you can still get genital hsv1 from oral sex. Do you know if you have it already? You can get a blood test and find out. If you do, it is extremely unlikely that you'd get it again genitally.

You can get hsv on your finger if the skin isn't intact. It's not at all common, and not something I'd worry about.

Is anxiety normal for you? Have you talked to your doctor about it?
I've had a negative blood test. Yes I have anxiety, depression, and bad habits. No doctor or therapist.
You really should get a doctor and therapist. Mental health is as important as physical health.

Your chances for genital hsv1 are very slim - slim enough to not worry about. Anxiety and depression should be addressed, though.

Take good care.

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