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Quick touch of ice cream and then immediately eating it?

At the moment I'm living with my cousins, who I recently found out the they had hsv 1. Today, my cousin and I went out to Mc Donald's for some ice cream. We went through the drive through and got our ice cream through that. My cousin was the one driving so he was to one to hand me my ice cream. I touched his cold hand quickly and ate the Ice cream instantly. After thinking about it, I feel very terrified and paranoid that I contracted his hsv 1 by briefly touching his hand and immediately eating the ice cream. Am I just over reacting?
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To add on, he didn't have any outbreaks

So you touched his hand as he handed you an ice cream cone? You’re worried about hsv?
I know this sounds like a very funny and ridiculous question. But yes I did touch his hand while getting my ice cream and immediately ate it. I did my research on Oral Hsv 1 and now im terrified.
If you did research then you would know that HSV1 is not transmitted by hand to hand contact.
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You are over reacting
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