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Rash on buttocks

I started out with the lower part of my labia becoming itchy. I figured it was from sweating and ignored it.’I noticed the next day that it was a bit sore and decided to take a look and there were quite a few red raised bumps scattered and some closer together. I kind of freaked out and put some hydrocortisone cream on it and kept my eye on it. Well, probably three days later, they actually looked better, no blisters. Then I noticed a small red rash starting on the inner side of my butt crack. It was itchy. I’ve now had it for three days and it’s SPREAD! I am 24 weeks pregnant and had an appointment today, so of course had my doctor look. He said the rash closest to my butt crack could definitely resemble herpes, but because I had little to no pain when he touched it & the rashes all around were different, he said poison, no herpes. He didn’t do a swab. I kind of feel like my lymph node is swollen, bc it feels sore. Should I get a second opinion or trust my OB?
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And to make matters worse, I suffer from OCD and am hypersensitive to my body. So ever since finding the rash, I noticed aches and pains everywhere. The skin around my hip and down my right buttocks feels sensitive, I noticed tingling, but only after the rash appeared. Are herpes painful? How long does it usually take for them to bust and become open lesions?
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"he said poison" - I'm hoping you mean poison ivy or something, and not just poison?

Assuming you meant poison ivy or poison oak or whatnot, how would you get that genitally and on your butt? Have you been camping? Out in the woods? Is there a reasonable explanation for that?

Would there be a reasonable explanation for herpes? You don't mention anything about your sexual history, only that you're 24 weeks pregnant, so we know that 6 or 7 ish months ago, you had sex.

Ordinarily, I would tell you not to worry about it, and trust your doctor, but you are pregnant. Did your doctor address what this means for your baby?

It doesn't sound like herpes - herpes doesn't respond well at all to steroids, and hydrocortisone is a steroid. Since this got better with hydrocortisone, it doesn't fit herpes.

A hundred (or more) things can cause rashes - allergies, eczema, dermatitis, poison ivy and oak (and others). My only concern is that you're pregnant, which obviously adds a layer of concern.

Herpes usually starts as blisters, and will scab over. How long that takes depends on your body, and if this is a new infection. If this is herpes, and I really, really wish your doctor had done some actual testing, you could have had it for awhile - years, even - and pregnancy could have triggered an outbreak. Or it could be a new infection, but that you felt no pain doesn't sound like herpes, new or old.

I might get a second opinion only because you're pregnant. I really don't think it's herpes. If the second opinion thinks it is, make them do a PCR swab on it. That's more sensitive than a regular culture. Also ask for a type specific IgG blood test.

If you have a therapist, and I hope you do, give them a call. This has to be a stressful time for you. Your mental health is as important as your physical health.

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I was cleaning the underneath of my porch steps, which had a lot of over grown weeds and some poison ivy, oak, sumac (I’m not sure which one). I did pick up the leaves with my bare hand, not really thinking. I don’t remember if I had touched or scratched my private area during or after the cleaning. I didn’t wash my hands and I should have. My last sexual partner was more than two years ago. I’ve never noticed anything unusual until now. I noticed it first on my lower labia, which was about 6-7 days ago. It is almost gone today. The rash on my butt, has become a large red rash. I don’t see any “blisters”. My doctor did write a prescription for a cream, which I did put on and it didn’t burn. The rash started on the inner side of my butt crack. It was small maybe the size of a dime. It’s now spread to about 6-8 inches across my butt cheek. Some were just red patches and others red patches with red bumps, it’s now just a large red patch. I don’t touch it or scratch it. I have minimal pain. Only friction from moving around seems to irritate the one in my butt crack a little bit. My doctor seemed fairly confident that it wasn’t a herpes infection, I try not to question my doctor, but the mind always plays what if’s. Especially when reading it can dormant for years. I’m just more surprised that I didn’t get the poison on my arms or legs or even hands, but on my private area..?
Also, to add, I also have a child born in 2019 and never experienced anything during that pregnancy and my last different sexual partner was also before this pregnancy.
Before that 2019 pregnancy.
I actually just looked at the plant outside of my home and it is Virgina Creeper. It’s very prominent in my area. I also looked up the rash for that specific plant and it’s looks like on my bottom, but it looked a bit different on my labia. It just ITCHES! There isn’t much pain associated with it unless I scratch it, then it burns a bit.
Ok. I’m freaking out a bit. I noticed a white blotch right next to my clitoris, by my urethra.   It felt a bit sore, so I looked. It does not burn when I pee. Will herpes continue to pop up in different places? I keep seeing it everywhere!!!
"My last sexual partner was more than two years ago." - I'm assuming you mean different than the person who got you pregnant?

It is interesting that you don't have a rash on your arms and hands and such, but do on your genitals and butt. It really doesn't sound like herpes. It wouldn't spread like that, and it would definitely hurt - maybe not excruciating pain, but it would at least be tender.

What kind of cream did your doctor give you?

And hon, you are allowed to question your doctor. You are in a partnership with your doctors. They know a lot about the body, but it's YOUR body they are treating, and you know more about your body than they do, right? You have the absolute right - granted by laws - to ask questions, to question treatments, to refuse tests and treatments, etc. I ask about literally everything. Some docs don't particularly like me, but them liking me isn't my interest. Me getting the best care is my interest. I've told docs to stop leaving the room because I wasn't finished. :)

I found this: https://www.uab.edu/medicine/news/latest/item/1150-avoiding-and-treating-for-contact-with-poisonous-plants

"Virginia creeper is often mistaken for poison ivy. The imposter plant looks like poison ivy, but has five leaves. Often, the two plants grow together. Although it is not as allergenic as poison ivy, raphides, the sap of Virginia creeper, can cause skin irritation and blisters in sensitive people when it punctures the skin."

Maybe because the skin is thinner in the genital area than it is on your hands and arms, it "punctured" that skin. It doesn't need to necessarily cause holes, but just get under the skin, I'd imagine. How it got through clothing, though, I don't know? Maybe it was on your hands and you went to the bathroom?

Oh it also says this: If the resin is on clothing, it can be transferred if bare skin comes in contact with the clothing item.

It sounds miserable, however it happened.

Also found this - https://www.consultant360.com/articles/virginia-creeper-phytodermatitis It has a pic of the rash. It looks miserable.

It would probably look different on your labia, since it's a mucus membrane and not regular skin.

I'm sorry - it sounds just awful.

Thank you for your prompt reply! I’ve tried to talk to my husband about this, but he just says, the doctor said it’s poison, just the cream and let it go.

But I’m throwing myself into a complete panic! It keep showing up on different parts of my lady bits! :( ... I don’t know much about herpes. I’ve read multiple medical sites and articles about the virus, but I always think. Maybe I’m different, maybe I won’t be the one to feel any pain. Maybe mine looks different.

The small sore that I just found on my clitoris/urethra is white. It looks like an open sore. I’ve peed since noticing it and felt no pain. Would it burn if it was in fact herpes? Does herpes burn while still blisters or only when it’s an open sore? My anxiety is absolutely peaked at the moment. I apologize for my rambling!
Also, the cream is lortisone cream. Correct about my partner. I’m married, but had a falling out in early 2018, when I slept with another person. :( So two men in 15 years.
Okay, even if it is the virginia creeper, if it's spreading like this, and you're pregnant, you may need to see your doctor again.

With this much spread, I can't imagine it's herpes and you wouldn't feel any pain at all. Herpes sores hurt. Sometimes you don't really notice they're there if you're just sitting there, but if you get up and move, and your clothing rubs against it, it hurts. Touching it hurts. The area around it is often tender. Wiping after urinating is tender. If you have a sore and urine hits it, that can really hurt.

Lortisone cream is also a steroid.

Two men in 15 years doesn't make you high risk. I know you must have feelings about that because of your marriage and such, but medically, you're low risk.

If your OB wants to just give you more cream, ask for a referral to a dermatologist. You're pregnant, and this deserves some attention.

It is a bit tender on my Clitoris. But not really painful tender. The clitoris is obviously a pretty sensitive spot to begin with, but the way the lesion looks threw me into a panic. It’s not a red bump, but a circle white lesion. Assuming it’s poison, I guess it could take on a different look considering it’s location, but it’s underneath the clitoris hood. I also noticed poison oak and sumac where I was cleaning as well. The irritation started two or three days after cleaning and has gotten worse since that day. It seems there is a new spot daily. From what I’ve researched herpes don’t pop up over a weeks time, but research is all over the place, unless it’s reoccurring constantly over a weeks time. I’m not sure. I just wish it would go away. I’m going back to my doctor so he can swab the lesions. I am extremely nervous about being pregnant and the possibility of herpes. If it is herpes, I’ve obviously had it for a while, so does that mean just because this may be an initial outbreak that my body still had antibodies against it? I know becoming newly infected during pregnancy is fatal. That is my biggest worry! I know herpes isn’t a death sentence. Really, like acne on my crotch in a way. I just want my child to be healthy. This is my fourth baby, I’ve never experience anything like this!
Whatever it is, being pregnant makes it all a valid concern.

Herpes doesn't pop up over weeks at a time. Even if you are newly infected, when the symptoms are the worst, you might get symptoms over a couple of weeks, but it wouldn't be widespread or anything.

Definitely get the lesions swabbed - I think you need the peace of mind - and see if they can do any kind of test to see what's causing it, outside of herpes.

Let me know what happens.
Hoping to get answers soon. It’s really causing me to be in a really bad state of mind.
I do have one more question. If I do in fact have herpes. It would of have to come from my last sexual encounter in 2018, with a different partner. So if my first out break was now in 2020, does that make it a new infection? Or that is just has laid dormant in my body and that my body should have the antibodies already for the virus? I’m so extremely concerned about my baby.
Also, if the sore on my clitoris was a “herpes” sore, how long would it take to bust and turn into an ulcer. I’m on day 3 and it hasn’t changed.
It’s shingles. Still a form of herpes, but from chicken pox I guess. Thankfully a mild case for me and associated little pain. It seems a bit sore now that some of the rashes have scabbed a bit. It’s all on the right side of my body, my butt is the worst, down into my lower labia and a small spot on my clitoris, it took a different look because of it being in the mucous membranes. I guess sometimes people get shingles in their mouth and those lesions are almost identical to the one on my clitoris. Just wanted to update.
Ohhh shingles makes sense if it's all on one side of the body. I'm glad it's mild! Shingles can be really painful.

Thanks for the update. I hope you feel better soon. :)
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I hate to bombard this board, but does anyone know how long the tingling/itch lasts with herpes zoster? My rash has since scabbed over and peeled, but the itch is still there and drives me crazy!
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It can last awhile. Have you followed up with your doctor? Ask if you can use a topical spray on it like Dermoplast (a numbing spray) or get some kind of topical cream or something to help with it.
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