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Rash on inner thigh

About 38 days ago I had unprotected sex.  About a week ago I noticed a small skin rash on my inner thigh.  Could this be herpes?  It is very small, when I press on it I can see where the skin is raised almost like a hive (Red with white raised skin around it).  It gets irratated when I touch it and becomes itchy for a few minutes then it goes away.  It seems like it comes and goes.  Any input would be greatly apprectiated.  Thank you!
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you need to go and be seen. This doesn't sound like herpes but obviously something is going on.

also ask about follow up std testing too since it was unprotected sex.

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Ok thank you grace.  5 days after the encounter I got tested for gonorrhea,chlamydia, Hiv and syphillis.  They all came back negative.  I am going to test for HIV and syphillis at 6 weeks.  Do you have any idea what this could be if it is not herpes?
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