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Rash on thigh

In addition to my earlier post, I developed two rashes, one of my left thigh and one on my right thigh. they both mirror each other in location. No ulcers or anything like that, it's more like a raised area of skin bumps without any sort of liquid. it showed up 2 1/2 months post exposures. My dermatologist saw it and didn't think it was herpes related because he said it wouldn't show up on both thighs if it was herpes. it rarely itches unless I'm sweaty and it didn't hurt. i noticed some scaling (almost as if it was burnt skin peeling off) but it still remains the same in appearance from two weeks ago. Dr did a biopsy and waiting on those results.
I have tested for IGG blood tests at 5,8, 12 weeks post exposure with negative results for both hsv1 & 2.
suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Keep to one post, thanks!
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