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Recent Questionable Exposure - HSV I IGG results

Please help - you guidance is greatly appreciated.

- 35 year-old male  
- No prior history of STDs, including Herpes - no cold sores, symptoms whatsoever
- Never been tested for HSV I or II
- Recent, questionable exposure - partner of unknown STD status
- 10 days post exposure did a Full 'Recent Exposure' STD panel
- Negative for everything except IgM I/II Combination - result of 1.40 High (Did some research and realize this test is unreliable)
- Wanted to base-line my herpes history so got type specific HSV IgG AB I / II tests done 14 days post exposure - results: HSV I 16.3 High / HSV II <0.90
- 19 days post exposure - no symptoms

Specific questions for the group:
- Given only 14 days between potential exposure and HSV I positive of 16.3, does this mean I have likely been positive for a while (i.e. this is not a result of my recent potential exposure)?
- Only possibility for HSV I transfer during the recent potential exposure is receiving oral sex - how likely is it that I would by asymptomatic at 19 days if HSV I oral to genital transfer actually occurred?
- I plan to get follow-up testing done at 6 weeks post exposure - anything other confirmatory / follow-up testing you would suggest?

Thank you for the help

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Hi testing positve for hsv1 above 3.5 at 14  days post exposure would indicate that youve had it since childhood. Upward of 75% of the population have it.
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Thanks, Dave.
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