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Recent dx of gential HSV-1

Hokay, I'm a little pissed.  A little confused.  A little of everything.  I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year.  I have never come up with a positive result for any STD I've been tested for in the past, and I may be able to say the same for him, but how would I truly know unless I saw his panel with my own eyes, right?

I do recall a few cold sores here and there as a young child, but nothing since I would say second grade.  He says he's never had one symptom of HSV-1.  Fast forward to our 30s.  He has COPD, asthma, and emphyzema. He is constantly on Prednisone.  Because of this and some of the inhalers he is also on, he gets thrush sometimes and I have had recurring yeast infections that would annoy even Mother Teresa.  My last bad one was 12+ days ago, and I had an all-out blisterfest on my outer labia and also my skin all the way up to my pubic bone.  I couldn't walk or sleep or do anything that required moving my legs because the pain was so intense. I finally went in and had a culture, they took one look at me while my feet were in the stirrups and prescribed Acyclovir.  I told them they were out of their minds, it was just a YI, but took the meds anyway.  8 days later, they call me and tell me I'm positive for HSV-1, but not 2.  So yay, but boo.  How the F did I get this?  I do recall a cut from said boyfriend's coarse facial hair on my labia, and I also didn't exactly give my vibrator a Silkwood shower the last time I used it.  So I can see a possible infection there of God-knows-what, but HSV-1?  

Question 1: Could this outbreak be from already being HSV-1+ as a child and my newly high stress levels caused an OB?

2) Is my bf's medication making my childhood HSV1+ freak out down there?

3) Did my bf give me HSV-1 while performing oral sex and he just didn't know it? (Cuz I went crazy gf on him, all out accused him, asked him the same question 14 different ways and he never wavered from his "clean as a whistle" story) I actually feel kinda bad for the bloke.  He could have gotten mad and been a real jerk, but he was supportive and wonderful.  I don't always trust people, but when I do, its him.  We've known each other 25 years and he just doesn't seem like the kind of man that would sleep around for the hell of it.

I'm also a massage therapist and see LOTS of clients with skin conditions.  Is it possible I could have picked this up from someone and then innoculated myself?  But how would it get on my genitals?  It has to be oral-to-genital transmission, correct?

4) Where do we go from here?  Do we always have to check each other for lesions before we have sex?  Cuz that would just ruin the mood.  I don't want him looking at me like I'm damaged goods, and I don't want to feel like a constant disease.  Most of the lesions are healed (which didn't start reducing even after 5 days on Acyclovir) until I simultaneously treated myself for a YI for the past 3 days.  Now it looks almost as good as new down there, with minor stinging with urination and a few scabbed-over sores on my skin under my pubic bone.

We haven't had any sexual contact for 2 weeks and I just want a normal life with him again.  Can we have sex @ this point of my OB?  Will it be painful?  Do I have lesions I can't see inside my vagina like some surprise zombie that will pop out at him like he's in a gd funhouse?  Will I give it to him if he doesn't have it already?  I am at a loss for a direction and just need someone to tell me I'm not crazy for being ill-at-ease.
Thanks for listening :)
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