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Recent herpes outbreak

I have had a longterm affair who I know believe has at least hsv1. It has always been unprotected sex. I was ignorant at the time of what a cold sore really was. I never had one. I had a date with a new partner when I believed my outbreak was gone and I still had what appeared to be just chapped lips. My last encounter with my affair was about a month before. My antibodies for hsv1 were 37. So, my basic questions are what are the chances I have genital herpes. What are the chances of me having givien my new friend herpes? When will he know ? I also realize now I could have had this for a while even though two years ago a blood test showed negative anti boties.  I also had a pretty good round of UV light exposure. My oral herpes has dissipated buy just some scarring or what appears to be. Might be pyscho symatic but my genitals are tingling. Worrisome. I guess why next question is valtrex good for controlling outbreaks or preventing "shedding". Can you explain what shedding is specifically ? I am very destroyed that I have been so careless and no might have exposed a bet dear person. I just didn't have the guts to tell him. I feel a little like my sexnlife is over and this person I had very strong emotional contact with is probably done. I already suffer from  Extreme  anxiety this is killing me, I can't sleep. I can't eat.  Miserable and regretful. I don't know how to proceed  
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You have oral hsv1 and I doubt you have it genitally as well. Genital hsv1 has few outbreaks and sheds very little. Shedding is when there is tansferable virus on the skin and you have no symptoms. Hsv1 genital infections shed around 10% of days. Little research has been donw on this. Valtrex is effective at cutting down on outbreaks and shedding. Again it's highly unlikely you have a genital infection. Hsv1 is very rarely asymptomatic on the genitals.
Your tingling is not a concern if outbreaks don't follow.
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Thank you.  I now have another break out after spending time in the sun. I wore sunscreen and get religiously. It apparently did not help. I love the sun but it sounds like cannot get in it art. Shade or shade. Just another devastation ;-(.
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Wore s hat.
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