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Receptive analingus

Dear experts
10 days ago I had an encounter with a sex worker in malaysia. There was no kissing no mouth contact from me anywhere. She was licking me all over including my anus. After about one minute I did ask her to stop. I was wearing condom the whole time. Now I'm very worried of my exposure through the anal. These 10 days have been a nightmare and I can't stop thinking about the risk I have put myself into. 2 days ago I suddently start having herpes sore on my lips. I had herpes sore of this sort few years back on my lips. I went to many doctors to inspect anus and penis. No sore whatsoever.
1) what is the risk of me contracting hsv-2
2) do I already carry hsv-1?
3) can exposure in anus trigger sumptoms at mouth?
4) can I spread the virus I have by kissing or sharing drinks or food
5) what is the earliest I can test to confirm

Thank you
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Also to add. I had diarrhea one day after encounter. Doctor prescribed my doxycycline dosage. After 10 days I feel slight sore on throat and feverish
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The risk of any STD/STI from receiving analingus is negligible. With no lesions for the past 10 days, you can be confident no herpes transmission occurred.

1) Essentially zero. HSV2 orally is rare, even for sex workers. Even then it is not known to shed outside of outbreaks.
2) Yes you most likely have HSV1 orally since your youth. You will not become infected genitally with HSV1 owing to immunity.
3) No link, stress is the biggest causative issue.
4) Kissing - yes to someone else without HSV1 already. No other transmission means is practical,
5) You can test at 12 weeks, but really this is not necessary for HSV2.

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Thanks for your reply fleetwood
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1) kissing can transmit my hsv-1 only during outbreak or forever? If only during outbreak when can I be sure that I will not be transmitting the virus?
2) possible for lesions inside intestines or further down track? Any way to check this visually? By stool perhaps?
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1) Yes you can transmit HSV-1 at any time, but without lesions the odds are 1 in 5000 (or longer) per episode.

2) You are not experiencing lesions in your intestine, not sure if this is possible.
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