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Recurrent Cold Sore Outbreak

This is what i believe may be my first recurrent outbreak since being diagnosed with hsv-1 two years ago. I had a small blister forming yesterday and thought maybe it was was just a bump from chapped lips, but today the bump is much larger and fluid filled and looks like several smaller ones forming around it. Based off descriptions and photos from online i think I'm at a stage 2 cold sore. I put abreva on right away but wanted to know what others experiences were with duration of their cold sores with/without topical medication. Abreva site says if caught in stage 1 it can reduce the duration to 2-3 days. I know everyone's experience will vary but just wanted to get a sense of what normal. I know the first OB i had lasted 2 weeks. Can i expect the same time, maybe less?
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I believe the first outbreak is usually by far the worse so would expect this to be less.  Do you feel the telltale tingling before it starts?  That's a good time to go ahead and treat whether you see anything or not.  
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I did not, just woke up and had a large fluid blister
Does anyone know if once the blister forms it has to burst? It will it go away if i keep applying abreva?
https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-20512/abreva-topical/details  This says abreva will speed up healing and lesson symptoms.  Keep putting it on and try not to stress.  That only makes it worse.
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I’m thinking it could be yeast
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