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Red Inflamed Spot on Penis - Herpes?

First of all thank you to all the medical professionals who take their time to read and answer these questions, much appreciated.

I noticed a red inflamed spot on the underside of my penis shaft yesterday. It appears somewhat like a pimple in size and has a white raised centre similar to a pimple with a red border. Looks a bit scaly in certain light. No other spots around it. It is painless when left alone as well as when touched and does not itch. It's located roughly where my circumcision scar is about halfway up the shaft. Note that I've had some genital warts in the past but that have never been a nuisance before or looked like this (never red or inflamed)

For the past 7 days I've also had a very itchy scrotum that seems to be slightly redder than usual. The itch is all over the scrotum area but not the penis itself. It's typically less prevalent in the morning when I wake up. Other than the slight redness it looks normal.

In addition I've had mild testicular discomfort on and off for the last couple weeks (slight aches) and some itching around my anus which my doctor diagnosed as a hemorrhoid. My recent STD tests last week came back negative for the typical tests (chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. HSV was not included in test.)

Please let me know what you think and if the above symptoms sound like genital herpes. I will be unable to see my doctor for at least a week unfortunately.
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Update today. There is a distinct whitish center. The immediate area surrounding it is still red. The lesion is circular and from red border to red border is probably 1-2mm in diameter. Still no pain at the site.

Please let me know what you think.
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Sometimes a pimple is just a pimple. It doesn't sound like herpes at all, nor does it sound like a wart.

Since you can't get into the doctor for a week (even an urgent care?), take a pic of it to show the doc so he/she can see it. Take one daily if you see changes before you get to the doc.
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Thank you AJ, appreciate your response. Unfortunately yes I'm out of country for over a week and don't have access to real medical care.

Do you have any insight on what these symptoms could mean? In addition to the itchiness, the red spot and testicular discomfort I've also been feeling fatigued and have had a couple bouts of dizziness. Each one of these symptoms on its own I normally wouldn't think twice about but all of them together is too much to ignore. My last potential "exposure" would have been about 2 weeks ago. Any insight or inkling is welcome, I just need a good starting point so I can do some research and figure out how to keep myself and others healthy.
I can't imagine what all those together would mean. Fatigue and dizziness - are you hydrated? Sleeping well? Travel can make you very tired, and if you are even slightly dehydrated, that can make it worse. If the dizziness lingers or gets worse, though, get checked no matter where you are. It isn't an STD symptom, but can indicate something far more serious.

What was your last exposure?

For now, your gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc., tests were negative - that's good. In the "etc" part, did they test you for urethritis/NGU/NSU? Did they mention anything about white blood cells in your urine?

Do they know about your testicular discomfort?

Stay hydrated, get some good sleep (it sounds basic, but really, it's so much more important than we think), avoid alcohol as it's very dehydrating, eat some healthy meals. It won't solve your issues like testicular pain, but it will help you determine if dehydration or lack of sleep is causing at least some of these issues, which is something your doctor will ask about.

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