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Reoccurring ghsv1

Hi was diagnosed with ghsv1 only ever had a primary outbreak 7 years ago, the other day I was itchy for a few minutes near my anus nothing out of the ordinary or for corncern but then a day later I felt a slight bump n another one near that spot it’s not itchy and doesn’t hurt n was only slight sting twice when peed and doesn’t have cluster appearance I showed my mum and she said it’s small and looks like pimple with a white centre not sure if it’s just pimples or a reoccurrence gshv1 outbreak....
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The only way to know for sure is to get it cultured. So many thing cause bumps in this area that it's impossible for me to tell you what it is. It could be ghsv1, hemorrhoids, oil glands, etc.

The stinging when you peed sounds like herpes, but that doesn't really rule out anything else. If you still have the bumps now, see your doctor. Ask for a PCR culture to see if they can detect herpes now, even though it's been several days.

Over time, you'll be able to figure out what herpes looks like for you, and if you can get this tested and find out (it may be too late), it will help you in determining that.
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It never crusted over or continued to sting does it crust over if herpes always
It does if it's a blister.

Again, though, lots of things cause bumps. It could have been a hemorrhoid, an irritated oil gland, a hair follicle, or any number of things.
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