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Risk for HSV-2???

Hello, I’m a 18 year old male and had sex with a 17 year old female a couple days ago. It was a one time encounter. I had a condom on the whole time and it lasted about 5 minutes. The thing is when she got off of me the condom was still on me and when I was laying down my penis came in contact with my pubic region, I laid down for about 5 minutes after she got off so the condom was in contact with my pubic region for about 5 minutes. I have a fear that if she does have genital herpes, what if the virus was on my condom and got transmitted to my pubic region.

I asked her if she had any symptoms of herpes and she said she hasn’t had none ever. She had 4 or 5 sexual partners before me and she said almost all of them went in unprotected but all her past sexual partners are under 18 yrs old if that helps. And she claims that half of them were tested and said that the other half were virgins. And I found an issue with that because I know that even regular std testing doesn’t test for herpes. She did also claim that she didn’t see any pimples down there.

It really seemed like she didn’t even know what herpes was before I started asking her questions and explained to her what it was. She told me she never felt anything unusual or painful down there. She told me she’s STD free and hasn’t encountered a problem.

I have been tested for both types of herpes twice last year because I had a fear of it and it causes really bad anxiety (no disrespect for those who have herpes). I’ve had a couple sexual encounters and every time I would get tested after 12 weeks and make sure they don’t have herpes.

I just wanna find out what my chances are of contracting herpes from this protected one time encounter with this female.
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It’s just the thought of having it for life, and the stigma on it, it’s really scary for me. Also correction, 3 people went in unprotected and 1 of them were virgins so I’d only have to worry about those 2. And mind you every person she had sex with before me is under 18.

Also one more problem that I forgot to mention, we weren’t really in a house it was the movies and we almost got caught so I pulled my underwear up with the condom still on my penis. And walked with it for like another 3-5 minutes, I was trying to find a bathroom and most of them were crowded so I guess I was doing a lot of walking. I was still erect; not fully so does that mean while I was walking was there friction?? Also when I get to the bathroom I took the condom off and put my underwear back up and then when I get home which was 25 min later I took a shower. So would me walking around without the condom in my penis in a “potentially” infected area from the condom still be a risk?? Also my pubic area isn’t shaved or trimmed so does that prevent it even more?

All we did was have vaginal intercourses, we didn’t kiss and there was no oral performed on both our ends so there wasn’t any other risk.

And thank you very much for offering help, all that would help is your thorough and honest thoughts and opinions on this situation, it would help a lot.
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None of that changes anything. You still need direct skin-to-skin contact. All that walking around and stuff just allows more time for the virus to die with the exposure to air. Even though it was in your pants and probably underwear, anytime it's not sealed in a packet or a lab container, etc., it's exposed to air.

Really, you're fine. Even more so since you aren't shaved or trimmed, so there's less chance for broken skin, but even without that, you had no risk from keeping the condom on.

Next time you're in a public place, go into a bathroom stall and just flush the condom. Ordinarily, I'd advise against flushing it, but it will save you a lot of anxiety. Or you could wrap it up in tissue and throw it away, but that probably isn't all that discreet.

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So if I'm understanding you correctly - the condom was resting on your pubic hair area after sex?

If that's correct, that's no risk for a couple of reasons. First, the skin there is too thick for the virus to penetrate. Second, it requires direct skin to skin contact to transmit - it won't transmit from a condom to skin, and it needs friction to do it, so the condom just resting there won't transmit it.

Otherwise, your chances of getting herpes from a one-time protected encounter are very, very low. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

Certainly, there are people your age who have genital herpes. Some have hsv2, but it's becoming more common that people in your age group are getting genital hsv1, from people who have oral hsv1 performing oral sex on someone who doesn't have it.

I don't say this to panic you, but just to inform you.

What's the big fear of herpes? Anything I can help with?
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