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Risk of genital herpes?

I had a very short encounter with a girl. While we were in my car I fingered for a few seconds. When I got home I used hand sanitizer on my hands twice, then I washed them with soup and water and then again with hand sanitizer. Then I remember I masturbated myself but I can't remember if I did it after I washed my hands or the next morning. Even if I masturbated after I washed my hands there is no way I could get genital herpes right? (assuming that the girl has it) Thanks!
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There is no way you could have gotten it, assuming she has it. Even if you hadn't washed your hands or used the hand sanitizer, there was way too much movement, exposure to air and time that passed for you to have any virus left to transmit it to yourself.

Hands are a very ineffective way to transmit anything to yourself from someone else. I'm including some threads from doctors (when we had them) to explain why this is.





https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-on-hand-touched-inside-of-condom-and-head-of-penis/show/1119533 - read this thread thoroughly. There is an excellent explanation about why certain activities are not risks, and why others are.
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Thank you for the reply. I'll definitely take a look at those threads. If I have any other question I'll post it here. Thank you very much!
You're welcome. :)
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