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Risk of stds and oral herpes

Yesterday night i was at strip club and had sucked nipples of a stripper for about 20 to 30 seconds for 3 to 4 times. She licked my nipples too. Am i safe for stds and oral herpes. Please help me i started feeling sick
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Unless she had visible herpes sores on her mouth area, otherwise it is safe.
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I did not kiss her on her lips....only on nipples...does it still matter for oral herpes
I see what you are saying
I can't believe she has sores...it was all dark and she had lipstick over her lips...i didn't find any sores
Can experts please help me
I should not have sucked her nipples...i am terrified but no one suck them yesterday on her as i met her as soon as she is club...i saw her quite sometimes
Someone please help...also she has small marks onnher skin and ehen i asked her she replied it is just the skin the way it is
I feel like i am having some mental disorder and i am on medication for anxiety and depression and OCD fear for herpes and stds....my act is really shameless as i should not have done it after i got a chance
People don't get herpes on their nipples unless they are breastfeeding and their babies have hsv1 orally. Sucking on nipples is not a risk for you to get oral herpes, nor is her sucking your nipples going to give you herpes on your nipples.

Do you know if you already have hsv1? Half of the adult population has it, and 90% of them never get any symptoms. Ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test to find out.

Your act isn't shameless. No one is judging you here. If you have a fear of herpes and STDs, it might not have been the best decision for you, only because you end up scared and anxious, but you have no risk from this.

If you aren't in counseling for your anxiety, depression and OCD, please consider it. Medication helps, but counseling can help, too.

Thank you i took that test and it was negative....so i am paranoid for not to get it
One last question....so if someone with oral hsv1 sucked her nipples and if she has herpes on nipples....am i still safe...sry asking this as per the explanation you provided....appreciate your help and feedback
Why do you think she has herpes on her nipples? It's not at all common, and it's painful. She probably wouldn't let you suck her nipples if she did.

Not once in all my years on this site or working in this field - over 20 years now - have I ever seen herpes on the nipple.

Even if she had herpes on her nipple (she didn't), if she didn't have a sore, you're fine. The nipple is not a mucous membrane, so it wouldn't shed the virus, meaning she would only be infectious with a sore.

You are fine.

Please, consider counseling. You need some coping skills to deal with things like this. A counselor can give you some.  (I say that with only compassion, not criticism.)

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Please help me
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