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Risks of genital hsv 1

Hi I was newly diagnosed with ghsv1. My ex bf gave it to me and had no visibke cold sore. He dumped me and told me he tested negative for everything and I was the one who was infected. He developed a sore on his mouth 1 week after and my results pointed to a new infection. I was diagnised through a culture on the vulva.

I havent coped with this as I am now in a new relationship and I am terrified my bf will dump me because if this. Weve been friends for a long time and I just feel disgusted with myself and cry at night everyday :'(

ive read these forums and they have been very helpful and somedays I feel like my normal self and other days I dont.
1. Because ghsv 1 transmission is so low and unlikely will my bf be at risk?
2. What if he gives me oral sex?
3. why is ghsv1 considered an std if its the same strain as ohsv1? This is where I struggle the most because I am labeled as having this.
4. Am I safeto say I have ohsv1 instead if ghsv1 when disclosing to partners? I dont want to put anyone at risks.
5. I want to have healthy babies is it possible without being so paranoid about ghsv1?
6. From reading the forums, the mds reported that valtrex did nothing for ghsv1 and it would be a waste of money because it sheds and reccurs so infrequently. Is this true? My GYN said it would be a good idea if I were to get intimate with someone but how can I do that without being so scared of having sex. My sex life  wont be the same as before :'(

I know im asking a lot of questions but I feel it wasnt fair that I got this. I am educated, have a great job and had a nice future planned out for me but this killed everything :'(
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have you tried acylovior pills i was told i had herpes but wasnt told what type but my test results dont say positive it say isolated and identified and i was worrying do that mean positive i am in the same boat as you i am trying to work out my relationship with my ex i cheated on him but i discover cuts and stuff down there but i always get them after rough sex and i was told if i had herpes i would still have the lesions because it take time to clear my only lasted a few dayswhat was your sypthoms and what did your results say?
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My blood test were negative for igg and igm was positive. My culture came back positive for hsv 1. did your GYN say what isolated meant? Im not sure if my new bf has hsv1 im afraid to ask or  even mention it. My ex dumped me and said he was negative but had a visible sore the day he dumped me :( its so unfair.
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i got check at a resource clinic and the lady read it like it said positive but when i looked at it it didnt say positive i had asked ppl what it meant they didnt know but i am waitin for who i suspose 2 got it from his results and i didnt get numbers or igg on my results paper
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you need to talk to your new partner about it. he may already have hsv1 orally, in which case your ghsv1 should not be a problem. has he ever been tested?
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he got tested they told him he dont have it and i am waiting for  my ex results to be confirm that he have it and gave it to me but i got tested 4 days after i heard that it can be false positive and fasle negative and i was told that herpes sores take time to go away like 2-3wks mines went away 2days after i put antibotric cream on them so isolated and identified do mean positive and i do have it
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but my paper dont say which one i have
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Yes he has been tested and came back negative. Im scared of transmitting this. My GYN said valtrex was not necessary for ghsv1 is this true
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Please keep all your post in this single discussion, ok? Forum policy. Otherwise it gets confusing. Stop posting in the other discussions!!

"The thing is im so young and when I was diagnosed I felt like my life was over and still do. How could anyone ever want someone with this. I feel like ive so.many people down. I havebt told anyone of my dx. My main fear is passing this to my partner and baby in the future. I want to have a healthy happy family."

Your life is not over - this is just genital hsv1. It sheds infrequently and you'll experience very few outbreaks (if any). You can start suppressive therapy (daily antivirals) to prevent transmission and use condoms, but hsv1 sheds so infrequently that it might not be worth it. Besides, almost 80% of the population has hsv1 (usually from oral infections) and for them to catch it genitally from you would be highly unlikely.

"So should I tell my new partner since the risks is so low? He is negative for both. He was tested and I looked through his exam. Im so scared I dont know what to do. I hate myself so kuch for this :("

We always advise telling your partner. But you also tell him that hsv1  sheds very infrequently and that daily suppressive therapy with condoms will reduce the risk to virtually none. He would be silly not to take such "risk".

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this is a good post to continue posting in - let's keep it all in this one from this point forward - thanks!!!

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Sorry I will keep it all here. Its just so frustrating!!!! Ive read that supressive didnt do much for ghsv1. Hopefully I get no outbreaks at all.

Im at a point where I think that everything bothering me down there is prodrome or something else. I went to get retested for HIV yesterday and am waiting my results.

My concerns are for my future. I am 23 years old and when the times comes to start a family I will be too paranoid to even.have sex because of the fear of transmission to my baby and partner. I dont know if the doctors put the baby in a special room once its out of the womb or if im able to hold him/her once its delivered. This scares me a lot.

As for telling its a scary thing. I fear rejection :( when I told my ex about him being the source he rejected me immediately and told me he wanted to stay healthy and if he stayed with me I would get him sick. This hurt me in so many ways that I regret ever being with him.

There is more psychological damage in this for me because I cant get the fact that its not a big deal in my head. It just sucks that I dont feel like my normal self anymore. Every pain in my body I think is related to this and im constantly checking down there for sores or cuts.

Ive even stopped shaving. When my ex gave me oral sex I had shaved that morning. My GYN said this allowed the virus to enter my body thus giving me ghsv1. It just sucks :( I wish I could get over the fact that i.have this but its been hard to cope with
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The labeling bothers me. The stigma around this virus is what has me so paranoid. I clean the tiolet after I finish using it because of the fear that I might pass this to my little sisters. I hide my soap so no one can use it. My hands are dry from too much washing. I have serious OCD issues.

My current bf wants to go away for the weekend I know it will get hot and heavy. Will I ever be able to enjoy him and have a fulfilling fun sex life without the paranoia? Before being diagnosed I was very sexually active with my bf. I never slept around. We were always exclusive. How will it affect me now being that there are restrictions to the enjoyment :(
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I have no history of cold sores.on my mouth. I know theres no possible way of knowing but after my ex gave me oral sex we kissed. Before and after the action. Is there a possibility I could have gotten hsv 1 there too without it breaking out on my mouth?

Im scared that I have.it genitall then.i.might have it orally. Prior to being.diagnosed I always tested negative.for everything including hsv.
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