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STD's and HIV Risks

Dec 15th had sex with a prostitute????? I can't remember much what happened due to being too drunk. I contacted the girl the next day and she told me what happened, since i was too drunk she gave me oral w/out condom and after which we had sex but after a while she got tired and we stopped, she admitted that i did not ejaculate. I am not sure if she is telling the truth and as much as I tried remembering nothing really comes to my mind. I did check the next day my underwear and my penis and can't seem to find any tell tale sign of having what the prostitute said (smell of vagina or some slippery stuff). Am still not sure.
Please advise what is my best option now. I have a doctor friend who gave me a prophnlacsis OFLOXACIN 200mg twice a day for 5 days. Told me that there are no guarantees but it may somehow help.
What measures should i take now while waiting for the next step to ensure my wife and kids could not be infected if ever there was infection, and what test and how long do i have to wait to make sure it accurate.
Thanks in advance.
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Ofloxacin is an antibiotic. It will not treat herpes, as herpes is a virus.

At this point you can test for chlamydia and gonorrhea 1 week post encounter, syphilis anytime after 6 weeks post encounter.  Herpes and hiv anytime after 3 months post encounter.

Indeed until you have proper testing, you would not want to have sex with your wife as you have no idea of the prostitute's STD status.

Your children cannot get STDs from you - they're called that for a reason and we don't have that sort of contact with our children.
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as i live not in the US kindly advise what's the name of the test for the above mentioned procedures. Thanks
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You would need to see your medical provider to be advised what the proper tests are.
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Sorry for the vague question earlier, what I mean is what should I do with kids around with regards to utensils, towels, food, etc.
Also any symptoms I should look into.
Finally is it a good idea to just have the prostitute tested for the above said procedures, would this help in treatment when diagnosed earlier at least if indeed she is infected and have transmitted any disease to me definitely it would come out sooner and treatment can be made.
Thanks again
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STDs can't be transmitted to children as we don't have that sort of contact with them.

You should post your questions about STDs on the STD forum at this point - I only know testing timelines (this is the herpes forum).

Herpes testing would need to be done 3 months post encounter.
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