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Scared about herpes.

I am a 27 year old male and had a single encounter outside of my marriage with a 34 year old woman. Stupidly unprotected oral and vaginal and kissing about 15 min total.
It has been 2 weeks and I've been freaking out and anxiety is taking over me.
I had a std test about 9 days after exposure and doctor also did a blood test for herpes. all came back negative but i know its too early to tell.

Ive had burning sensation on my bottom lip on the right corner but no outbreaks it comes and goes.  recently my wifes eye started getting dry and bothering her and I'm thinking I contacted herpes on my lips and got her eye infected :(
Does this should like it could happen?

Im very worried
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With lesions emerging you have no real reason to suspect that you were infected with herpes. As an adult without herpes, an infection for you is not likely to create any doubt! It would be very, very obvious.
9 days is good for the bacterial STDs so that is all good. Maybe a 12 week test for syphilis won't hurt.
The chances of you being infected with herpes probably did not exceed 1 in 2,500. The chances of your wife's eye being infected are 1 in millions and nothing is suggestive this is even such a remote possibility.
This is what the guilts do my friend!
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With no lesions emerging I mean!!!!
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Yes guilt and anxiety is getting the best of me?
What can the burning sensation of my lip be?
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Are you scratching a lot? Stressing a lot? A constant tingling that precedes an outbreak is the experience of those with herpes and not a burning that comes and goes with no lesion emerging.
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Thank you for your answers!
No it does not itch so no scratching. I am stressing a lot and I've had the burning sensation for about a week now mostly notice it more when I'm thinking about the situation but haven't seen any lesions. Any ideas?
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Stress related that may be creating an ulcer is one example.
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Sorry last question.

So if i contacted herpes i would see lesions?
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Certainly would!
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