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Scared of HSV1 transmission to Baby

Hi All!  I need some feedback as super worried again about herpes transmission!!! Comes with the OCD territory!
I woke up this morning and felt that I had a coldsore coming up on my lip. I don't have an actual blister but a spot on my mouth is sore. I put some Zovirax on it in the morning. About an hr later, I went to grab bubs and he accidentally hit near my mouth with his hand (fingers mainly). It happened so fast but from memory it was just my chin, under my lips, not in my mouth or on the actual sore part of my lips. Anyway he then in a split second started rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands as he was tired. I freaked out! Could I have spread this virus to him in his eyes since he rubbed them with his hands just after touching my face? I washed his hands as soon as I could, however he did it so quickly.. I would never forgive myself if I gave this to him. Also does he still have antibodies from me? Any feedback would be great. I am thinking he will be ok since he did not directly touch the sore spot? Please Help!!! Belinda
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Hi Belinda, most cases of the baby contracting from mother hsv1 oral is from kissing not from what you describe. Do be careful however. Have you been confirmed with hsv1 oral?
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I just wanted to let you know everything is ok and bubs is fine! Thanks
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