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Shingles (heroes zoster) or HSV

Hello, I am a 31-yr-old female, been in a monogamous relationship for 3 yrs. Over 3 weeks ago I noticed a dime-sized, maybe smaller, cluster of 6 or 7 blisters on the top of my buttocks, near the center. I tanned at an indoor salon the day before, fell asleep and was very sweaty when I woke up. When I noticed the bump(s) the next day, I started putting ichthammol ("black drawing salve") on the area. It scabbed fairly quickly. I was experiencing pain, general achiness, tingling, numbness - specifically on one side of my groin and the entire length of my body. It literally felt like someone drew a line from the middle of my forehead down to my vagina, and everything hurt on one half of my body, my leg and foot on that side included. So two days later I went to a walk-in clinic and the practitioner said it was shingles. (I had chickenpox as a child.) She prescribed antiviral meds. That night the "pain" intensified to feeling like I had severe sunburn all over my groin, but there was no redness, no more bumps, nothing. The feeling became so intense I went to the e.r. The dr there also said it was shingles and prescribed short-term pain meds. Neither dr swabbed the area and I didn't know enough about herpes at the time to ask. I have since obsessed over pics online and am convinced I was misdiagnosed. Then again I have never experienced symtoms such as these. Neither has my bf of 3 yrs or any of my previous partners. I have an appt with my gyno on Mon, but there's nothing for her to swab so I'll have to settle for a blood test. In the meantime I'm very anxious. What do you guys think??? Thanks in advance for any help.
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I forgot to add that I'm STILL experiencing the pain. It varies from aching to tingling to twitches to feeling like sunburn and any mixture of all of the above! It's very uncomfortable, almost dibilitating because at times I can't concentrate on anything else. It's not always as uncomfortable, but it's ALWAYS there. For over 3 weeks now. With no fresh bumps.
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This isn't a usual place to first experience an outbreak. I'd wonder if it is any form of herpes at all. A blood test will tell you your status, but I don't see why you'd test unless both you and your partner wish to mutually test.
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I want to test to find out the source of the pain.
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I've had flu-like symptoms since yesterday and a low-grade fever but no new blisters since the first cluster 3 weeks ago.
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Hi there, I am sorry you are going through this. I too had my first shingles outbreak back in 2006 and it appears as a rash that follows a nerve line only on one side of the body, usually in clusters or a line. Mine was on the right side of my waist line and wrapped around. yes flu like symptoms, run down and extremely bad nerve pain. Since that time I have suffered greatly with nerve pain from the waist down always on the right side and feels like a blow torch is burning my skin. Now a couple of weeks ago I went through the exact same thing except the rash was a small patch on my right hip/buttock. went to see the doc and I told her I had shingles again and she told me it was most likely herpes and that the first outbreak is always the absolute worst. I used the Valtrex and some cream and the rash is pretty much gone and same with the nerve pain. I wa sso upset to here that it is herpes, but I am going to get the blood test done just to make sure. So apparently we can carry both strains of this virus for many years and not even know it untill the rash and other symptoms appear. Definely go get a blood test done to ease your mind but please try to prepare yourself for a positive result for herpes. I know it is absolutely horrible and I am still reeling with the fact I very well may be a carrier and possibly for years now. There is such a thing call post- herpetic  neuralgia which is nerve pain that is a result of having shingles that can come and go for years afterwards. I wish you luck and helath and good news.
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