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Shingles on thighs


I am 28 years old male. Two months back I had a Shingles outbreak on my right thigh. The lesions were mild and I took the medication and the scars are almost gone. But I still feel the pain even after two months on my thighs. I also feel kind of headache. There is still some redness in the affected area but no new scars. I am worried whether the pain is a new outbreak or is this common?  

I also read that it is common amongst people with low immune system like HIV infected. I have had a couple of encounters with escorts in the past but have always had protected sex. Is there anything to worry about?
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did they do actual testing to diagnose shingles or was it a visual diagnosis only?

did you treat it initially?

at this point, I recommend being seen for a full work up. There is a condition called PHN that is common with shingles - if I recall it's half of folks who have a shingles ob experience it.  

also considering the location, if it was a visual diagnosis of shingles only, seeking out a type specific herpes igg blood testing 3 months after you last had sex isn't a bad idea too to make sure this isn't really hsv2 and not shingles.

best of luck!

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Thanks Grace.

It was a visual diagnosis. I treated it within a day of seeing the scars.

The pain is very negligible and hence I havent bothered to go for further medication.
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definitely due to your age a further work up is in order. it's unfortunate they didn't do a lesion culture when you have your initial symptoms :(
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