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Shooting pain in the lower part of my left calf muscle and possible Herpes infection

3 days ago, i have protected penetrative sex with my new girlfriend. Condom broke and I only noticed towards the end. We had both gotten test for HIV before the encounter and the results were negative. However, we did not check other STIs. After the condom break, I asked her about her past exposure to herpes. She told me that one of her ex-boyfriend from 5 years ago had herpes but they used condoms the 3 times they had sex. Assuming she was infected back then, what are the odds that I caught herpes from this encounter?
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Your chances are very low, actually. Even if she has herpes - which I actually doubt - your chances of getting it in a long term relationship, if all you did was avoid sex when she had symptoms, is about 4% a year.

Using condoms can cut that by about 30-50%.

The chances that she got herpes from her ex in 3 protected encounters is very low as well. Her getting it with condoms and then not having symptoms is even less likely.

I don't know what the shooting pain in your calf muscle is, but it's probably not herpes.

You should get tested for other STDs. The chances that either of you have chlamydia, for example, is far higher than HIV, statistically, if you've had unprotected sex recently.
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Thanks a lot for your response. I will be sure to get tested for other STDs ASAP. We both have an appointment for a full STD check this week. I hope we both come out neg for all including herpes.
You may need to ask specifically for a blood test for herpes. Depending on where you are, they may not offer it, but definitely ask.
Thank you. I will make sure i ask for a blood test.
My Dr ordered a PCR test 8 days after exposure. I am getting the results tomorrow. She said we will do a blood test in a few weeks. Isn’t it also too early for pcr? Also i have been experiencing some pain in my urethra, right testicle and bladder area. It doesn’t hurt when i pee. Does it sound like herpes? The pain started a little over 24hrs after exposure.
The PCR test - is that a blood test? That's useless if it is. Herpes isn't found in the blood. If she means a PCR swab test, that's fine. It's a very sensitive swab.

Why doesn't your girlfriend just do an IgG test? That's the easiest, most efficient way to determine if you even have a risk. If she's negative, you have no risk.

Herpes symptoms wouldn't start so soon = no STD would. That sounds like anxiety to me, or maybe even dehydration, or a urinary tract infection. Talk to your doctor about it if it isn't relieved by increasing your water intake, and decreasing caffeine and alcohol intake.
Thank you Auntiejessi. My girlfriend did an IgG test and we got the results yesterday and they are NEGATIVE. It turns out my symptoms were caused by latex allergy. Thank you again for your guidance.
Happy to hear it! Thanks for the update. :)
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