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Should I get tested

I have some small painless bumps which kinda started as ingrown hairs which I picked at too much. They are kinda dimpled and the exact same stuff that comes out of pimples came out of them. I went to my doctor (while home from college on break) and he said that he didnt think it was herpes, and if it was anything it is probably molluscum. I trust him, but I am not totally convinced. They are slightly lighter than flesh colored, kinda dimpled in the middle. behave for the most part like healing zits that are taking too long to go away. They have never "wept" or been painful. Other than that however, they look like some of the pictures on google images. I am thinking of getting tested for peace of mind, but it is expensive. has anyone had similar symptoms and had it be herpes? I just need some advice. They were red at one point. One is on my shaft (i have a couple hair follicles there) and one is about 3 inches above my penis in the pubes. i also had a similar thing on my right side where my belt rides (right on the hip). they have never leaked fluid, only the stuff in pimples followed by blood and only when ive messed with them. thoughts?
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it's pretty easy to tell the difference between molluscum and herpes. You were seen and your provider didn't think these were herpes. Your description of things doesn't sound like herpes.

You can spread molluscum all over your body if you aren't careful. Did your provider give you any treatment for them? if not, consider a dermatologist.

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he said to keep an eye on it. thought it was prob molluscum or folliculitis. i put some aldara cream on them and it had no effect.
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