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Skin-to-skin fear

Hi.  Made a stupid mistake several weeks back.  Went to one of those "massage parlor" places and received essentially a nude lapdance.  Pretty much her butt rubbing against my penis (circumsized, but wasn't wearing a condom).  No entry or penetration and probably for about a minute.  No contact with her vagina either, so I don't think I directly contacted any mucous membranes.  She had no signs of an outbreak at all (I watched very closely while she danced for a bit first).  I also wiped the area down well right after the lapdance (cleaning wipe things they had at the parlor).  Well, 14 days later I got a painless redspot on the side of my penis (not raised, no vesicles, but the first day noticed a very slight break in the skin in the middle of the spot).  During this same time I have been doing some mountain biking (twice a week for only about 3 hours a time, modestly rough terrain).  And, admittingly, out of fear from the experience, was daily washing my genital area more frequently with soap... Again, no pain at all on the red spot, which went away after 4-5 days.  I have also had though migrating burning feelings (not tingling, just a hot, burn feel).  Mostly in the area between the legs where I sit on the bike (where I can feel pressure when riding, a bad seat I guess), but also at the base of my penis right above the right testicle (comes and goes in both areas).  No rashes or sores though.  It's now 28 days later, the redspot gone since about day18-19, but the migrating burning feeling in the groin and near the testicle continue.

I know I probably need to test because skin-to-skin contact is definitely a way to catch HSV-2.  What do you think about the level of risk of contracting HSV-2 from a brief "naked" lapdance (butt only) with no sign of a current outbreak on her?  Does this sound like herpes, something else (high risk for HPV too??), or possibly from my biking instead?  Any insight would help, thanks!
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Oh, just to clarify, the redspot was about the size of a dime (not a perfect circle though).  Thanks!
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I would be very surprised if you got anything from this, but any time you have a sore or symptoms, you should be seen by your doctor.

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