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Small bumps on the head of penis

Hi.  I asked a questions some weeks ago about my symptoms. Now I have new symptoms that appeared two days ago.  I'm currently working in haiti and access to a dr is not easy. My exposure was on and around october 4 where me and a haitian woman grinded naked genitals to genitals.  around oct 14th i noticed a cut like chancre right under the hood of the head.  on the 18th the dr took a swab and blood test for syphillis.  also tested gon, chlam, hiv,. they came out negative.  now on dec 7 i noticed several clusters of slightly raised 1mm bumps on the head on the penis itself. not again i thought. i stretched the skin to see if they were blisters but it was hard to tell. however, one or two of them appeared to pop and oozed out a clear liquid. naturally i thought herpes.  they do not hurt, or itch.  as of today 9 dec, the bumps are still there with no changes. the bumps are skin colored, unless i light it up with a flash light then they appear slightly red. i do find myself peeing more often is this helps any.  Thanks for your time.
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Hi, outbreaks occur more on the shaft not the head and if she did not have any obvious vaginal sores present the odds you contracted herpes is really low as shedding does not occur that often.
Appears more of a fungal infection like balantis or male yeast. If it is a yeast, you should see a doc for a checkup as you will need some creams to help clear it up "if its a yeast" but the doctor will know best.
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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the doctor until i return to the states at the end of the month.
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Ive been to Haiti as well and a local doctor should be able to assess your irritation any maybe prescribe some cream.
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ok. i will do that. thanks again
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Can you look at a picture I posted on the men's health forum and tell me what you think? I would really appreciated it. I'm going nuts here, and feel quite isolated.  Thanks
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I'm afraid that if you can't see a doctor anytime soon, guessing on this forum will not help you. If you are worried, you'll need to make a doctor visit a priority.

I'm afraid that all you have to do is a Google search to discover that it is not only possible to have herpes sores on the head of the penis, there are many photographs that prove this very thing. However, your symptoms could easily be due to other conditions, which is what makes it imperative to see a doctor, who may be able to prescribe you an antiviral, just in case it's indeed herpes.

Unfortunately, at this point, it may be too late to get an accurate result on a swab, but when you get back to the U.S., see your doctor right away for a reliable blood test. It may come back negative if less than 16 weeks have passed since exposure, since antibodies may not have built up enough by then to trigger a positive result. You'll then have to test again in February.

Good luck to you.
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thank you
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