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Small red bumps on Penis head

So I recently got tested at my local hospitals emergency department (because I couldn't wait for an appointment according my panic) because I recently noticed a small group of spots over my penis head..

Now a few things first..

1) I've only had one partner recently and we use protection for everything but oral unfortunately. We're only sleeping with one another but her previous relationship had cheating issues a couple of months back and they were unprotected.

2)it's been a long time since either one of us has been with someone else and she has zero symptoms of any kind.

But back to my visit..
A doctor gave me a very hasty examination and determined the dots an irritation due to rubbing against my boxers or too dry of masturbation or sex in general. I didn't have swelling or pain or puss but my foreskin was a little red and dry. He wound up giving me urine test anyway and said he'd call if anything was wrong. Well, somethjng was wrong. He said I had chlamydia two days later and I got a shot and some meds.

I told the young lady and she did the same but I don't think these dots a result of the diagnosis. I don't have any symptoms of the aforementioned --including the dots. Is it something more serious possibly?

I'm hiv negative (thank god) but I'm still real nervous. Is it warts? Is it hpv or herpes? I have a follow up with urology but I'm just hoping its some after effect of what they initially thought. I'm uncircumcised and they say this happens apparently..but help? I can add pics if that helps too
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