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Small red pimple like bumps on butt, herpes?

I had unprotected sex about 2 months ago. We stopped dating around the same time, but afterwards he told me he had received oral from a girl with a active cold sore on her mouth. He had gone in to the doctor, but they said unless they saw symptoms they wouldn’t do any testing. He assumed he was clean which is why he didn’t mention anything to me before we had sex. (Also about a month 1/2 after our last sexual encounter I got a cold sore on my lip, but I have gotten those since I was in high school.)
However about a month and a half afterwards he told me he noticed some pimple like spots in his boxer area and went in for testing. They confirmed he had herpes.
Since then I’ve been keeping an eye on things to check for any symptoms. I’ve read that since I already have HSV 1 orally it is unlikely that I could be reinfected even through genitals.
However today (2 months since our last sexual interaction) I noticed 3 red pimple like bumps on my left butt cheek. They’re a couple inches apart and don’t hurt or itch.
I did go on a hike earlier today so I’m thinking that may just be pimples from sweat and friction, but I’m not sure.
I’m also curious if the reason the outbreak on my mouth was triggered could have been from coming in contact with the virus?
And since my partner tested positive should I go in and get tested?
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Hi, pimples like bumps does not necessary mean herpes.
You could go get tested
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Update: last night (the night I noticed them) I put some acne medicine on them before I went to bed, and this morning they look much less red and less noticeable so this leads me to believe they’re pimples.
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It is highly unlikely that you'd ever get genital hsv1 since you already have it orally, and since he didn't have symptoms when you were with him, it makes it more unlikely that you'd have gotten it genitally from him.

I'd wonder how he was diagnosed. A visual diagnosis is often wrong.

In any case, for you, I wouldn't worry at all.
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