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Some GREAT News about HSV

I wanted to share some wisdom I recently gleaned from one of the head doctors at a local STI clinic:

This particular doctor has counselled thousands of individuals diagnosed with HSV2 over the course of her long career and the one thing she noticed, almost without exception, is that, in given time, their lives become better, yes BETTER, post diagnosis.....

I could hardly believe what I'd heard, BETTER!!!  How?  With my highly inquisitive nature, I couldn't help but ask, how? why?

She explained that the reasons for this obviously differ from person to person but often centre around some of the following:

1) Encourages couples to more openly communicate about STIs before sex and find more creative ways of being sexual
2) HSV acts as a strong litmus test for a potential mate.  It gauges their actual interest in the person versus merely wanting someone casual/strictly sexual
3) Brings couples closer together in terms of opening the communication channels about emotional and physical health---apart from STIs
4) Encourages better partner selection, instead of settling for Mr/Ms. Right Now
5) Encourages a focus on strengths forgotten about/pushed to the margins or taken-for-granted
6)  Promotes better self care---perhaps better diet, exercise.....and better care of those around them, perhaps by volunteering, not taking things for granted, et al

I found this absolutely fascinating, to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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