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Specific Cream Question...

If a person has a herpes outbreak on their chin, and they apply hydrocortisone cream only to normal, dry skin on the sides of their nose and under their eyes, can it make the herpes outbreak on their chin worse?  Or would the person be fine using the cream, as long as they didn't use it on the herpes sores?
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it's most helpful when you just keep asking questions in your original post instead of making new ones each time. thank you for your future cooperation with this.

it can make their herpes worse. continue to follow up with a provider as needed for this issue you have.
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Sorry Grace, I'll not to start new threads unless they address completely different issues.

Some of the information on this site conflicts with everything I've read about orofacial herpes, but the source seems reliable:


What is your expert opinion?  Should I trust the information on this site?
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