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Specific transmission questions for HSV-2 *semi-graphic

So I took a random std test and the results said that I have hsv-2 but not hsv-1. I have not had a follow up test, but my clinician told me to do a follow up in a few months. I've had what I would describe as outbreaks about 3 times in the last year(have had no partners in the past year). So very little outbreaks luckily, and when I do feel symptoms coming on, I start to take my suppressing meds (acylclovir) immediately. So I would assume with very few outbreaks and the medicine, my chances of transmission would be low.

I am bisexual and there are couples(yes, more than one couple, so multiple partners) that want me involved in their bedroom play. I understand the risk of transmission of certain things, but some I haven't been able to find. I am more concerned about these acts that I have found no answer to, or too vague of answers. Sorry if they're semi-graphic, but this might help others that haven't found answers to my questions as well. Maybe I haven't searched enough, but most of my questions are unanswered.

1: I have never had an outbreak on the buttock or anus, only on the base of the penis; what is the risk of me transmitting hsv-2 to someone(who is STD free) who penetrates me anally. Please try to factor in that Im on acyclovir medication, and assuming Im not having any outbreak symptoms.

2: What is the risk of me transmitting the virus to someone(who's std free) who performs analingus on me? Again, factoring in that Im not having an outbreak and am on the meds.

3: What is the risk of me transmitting the virus by PERFORMING analingus on someone who's STD free?

4: What is the risk of me transmitting the virus by performing fellatio or cunnilingus on a partner that is std free? I have found some info on this, but would like additional info. And again, I've only had outbreaks on the genitals, not oral.

Again, sorry if its kind of graphic, but those are the sex acts that I have if I have any at all. I have always been honest with my partners (not so lucky with the last one), and I dont want them to be frightened or turn me down if I tell them that I dont know the answers. I want to be as sure as possible so that I can continue to have the pleasures that my partners and I enjoy. I care deeply for them and do not want them hurt.

Thank you very much for your time reading this.

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Hi. firstly, please tell us about the test you took and any numbers involved. But if you do have hsv2 then see below.
1. Taking antvirals would reduce passing it by 50% as suppresses outbreaks and shedding so the risk would be quite low. Even though your outbreaks are in the penis area, shedding can occur anywhere is the boxer short area. Under normal circumstances, shedding of hsv2 occurs about 15-30% of the time.

2. Extremly low risk but you have more of a risk of acquiring hsv1 from them if you dont already have it now.
3. If you dont have oral herpes then 0% chance.
4.0% if you dont have oral hsv
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My clinician did not give me any numbers regarding my first test regarding antibodies(I believe thats what you meant by numbers). However she did say that I came back with a "high chance" of having hsv2 due to my results. I know I should have asked for more info, but I am in the process of getting it. She also mentioned that there is a chance of a false-positive, but it is very low for the blood test I took and the results I got back.

Thank you very much for your reply, it has already helped a bunch!
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