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Spreading HSV1

I recently contracted HSV-1 genitally, which was confirmed via a swab. I haven't had any outbreaks following the initial one, so I haven't continued taking medication. Today, I had what appeared to be a small zit or pimple on the borderline of my upper lip, just above it. I picked at it and eventually popped it, and a whitehead seemed to come out. Since then it has a little bit of orange crust from me picking at the skin. I'm a bit/very anxious that somehow the genital HSV-1 spread to oral. As bad as it is to have it in one area, I don't want to have it in both areas.

Further increasing my anxiety is that I have a second date with someone tomorrow and I know that we'll be kissing. It's already annoying and ugly, but if it's just a zit then I'm not concerned. What are the odds that somehow it spread from genital to oral? And, are there any differences that are easy to decipher between a cold sore and a zit?
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After some further research, I found the answers I was looking for, which is that it is very rare to spread the virus after the initial infection.

Today, the spot is very small and doesn't have any of the hallmark herpes characteristics from what I've seen, so I'm going to assume that it's just a blackhead.

Just wanted to provide an update so that if someone else panics like I did, maybe this will serve as a reminder to calm down. :)
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I would panic too, since I am right now. I was wondering the same question about if I can be spread to other parts on the body. I been reading a lot but I don't find answers. :( i am very sad, stress and upset. Wish is not helping.
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Same here... Didn't know HSV 1 can spread, freaking out. Have had an irritation on face for months and then I read this. Heard it can spread to eyes... What do I ask my docs? Would HSV 2 be cleared by abreva OTC? Haven't swabbed tested. Help
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