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Stages if it’s hsv?

Hi I have visible cluster of small bumps at the base of my shaft, it’s day 4 since I noticed it. There is no pain, burning sensation or itching, nor I see any inflammation or ulceration, just painless bumps. Could it still be HSV? Thanks
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It's impossible from this forum to say what it is, but it doesn't sound like herpes. If you feel it is very abnormal, then you should have a doctor look at it.
Thank you
Just curious, do the herpes lesions always inflame, form blisters and ulcerate in 4-5 days or around that period?
In general, herpes blisters form and burst all within 48 hours, give or take. Did you have a recent sexual encounter that you are concerned about? And if so, what was the nature of it, protected, unprotected, oral, etc?
Yes, unprotected oral sex. I noticed cluster of small pimple like lesions and one raised on the base of my penis extending to little bit of the scrotum. I noticed it 5 days ago, it could have been there more than 5 days. I have no history of HSV, the lesions are painless, no itching or burning. I haven’t noticed any ‘blister’ like sores yet. I was wondering where would the sore show up if it’s in the genital area if it’s the first episode. Is base of the shaft a typical area? Should I be noticing more prevalent symtoms by now?  I got it checked, the doctor was confused, she said it does not ‘look’ like a typical herpes lesions, however, she did a culture to rule it out. I need to wait 2-3 days, I am freaking out. My question is does this sound like HSV? Any insight will be helpful. Thanks!
Assuming the initial outbreak is within 3-21 days following an oral sex encounter, the lesions would normally show up on the head and the shaft of the penis. At the base of the penis where you describe would be very atypical. Everything you describe doesn't sound anything like herpes.
thanks a lot
sorry, overlooked to mention that it was unprotected oral and then protected intercourse with an escort. not sure if that changes anything. thanks again for your insight
Dear Wellinformed, my anxiety continues. Its day 6 while I do see a small localized cluster of bumps at the base of my penis, I haven't noticed any blister looking lesions or oozing, burning or pain yet. You mentioned generally the herpes form and burst without 48 hrs. Is it possible for the visible bumps to lie dormant without typical herpes symptoms? My culture test will be out latest by Monday, the wait period is agonizing to say the least. The GP i visited was confused about the lesion, and said it could also be folliculitis. I am applying topical cream for that. Your insight will be appreciated.
While no one can guarantee that you didn't catch herpes, nothing you describe sounds like herpes. And your encounter - protected vaginal and unprotected oral - is not, on a probabilistic basis, considered risky. Congratulations of using condoms. The location of your "bumps" is not consistent for a first time outbreak right after infection. The skin of the penis that would have experienced the most friction and rubbing was covered by a condom and the skin at the base of the penis is thicker and well-keratinized making it a very unlikely place for initial symptoms after recent infection to show up.
Thank you kindly.
Hi Wellinformed, I read about asymptomatic herpes. Not really sure what I should make out of that? Meaning, I am not showing any overt signs of the first outbreak. Could it be asymptomatic? Having the bumps with no changes or stages of herpes. Thank you for your time.
Dear Wellinformed, I was wondering if you could shed some light on my question regarding asymptomatic herpes. Thanks!!
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