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Stange Symptoms-lost and confused

I am a 19 year old male who has been experiencing weird genital symptoms for the past two months.  I posted here about 3 weeks prior, and in that time I've seen multiple doctors and had changing symptoms, and was hoping I could get some insight into the cause of my symptoms, since there is such a long waiting list for a dermatologist appointment.  

My genital symptoms started about 24 days ago, so I thought it best to list a timeline:

12/15/09 - Had sex with a girl of unknown sexual health early in the morning.  We had sex for about two hours with a condom; however, the condom broke during sex, and I didn't notice for about 1-5 minutes before pulling out, so there was unprotected contact.  I noticed that the skin on the girl's butt was somewhat rough, and I later when I took a closer look I noticed a number of red dots, possibly acne, but not sure. Researched herpes, I don't recall the spots on her butt looking similar to herpes blisters whatsoever, just red slightly raised bumps.  She assured me she was clean. During sex I felt a burning sensation on the tip of my urethra (most likely during the time when the condom had broken).  Two hours later I checked myself and found a raised red irritation running from the bottom of the urethra opening down to the bottom of the glans.  I also had a burning sensation during urination that disappeared after a few hours after sex and never returned. Otherwise, no concerning sensations or rashes at the time.

12/17/09 - At midnight, not even two days later since sexual encounter,  I discovered I had a strange rash on the underside of my penis, an inch under the crown/glans and the size of a nickel.  The skin was slightly red and very scaly (I thought small blisters were forming, but on closer inspection it was just well-defined scaly skin).  The skin is slightly discolored, an odd combination of red and barely noticeable yellow.  The skin is bunched together and loose looking in the rash area.  Often, when I inspect myself, the rash seems to form a /\ (arrow-head) shape across the underside of my penis. Three small cuts were also there (they are tears in the skin, but I wouldn't call them ulcers- there was and has never been any puss or crusting over of these cuts, even to this day).  I recall experiencing a tingling sensation, but I believe that to be a mental symptom since it disappeared after my first doctor appointment.

I saw a doctor (who also called in her associate) on the same day (12/17/09), who inspected the rash and did not think it was herpes or any STD.  They told me to take warm baths and apply vaseline.

12/18/09 - Strange redness started to appear on testicles.  I did not make much over it, since my anxiety focused mainly on my penile rash.

12/20/09 - Saw another doctor.  Penile rash had not improved over the weekend. Doctor was convinced it was not herpes on visual inspection.

12/22/09 - Red rash on testicles worsened after use of hot tub, but had been bothering me as well prior to the hot tub.  Rash on testicles turned from simply red irritated skin to moderately intense burning and tingling, with very small but noticeable red bumps on reddened areas.  Rash on testicles spanned both testicles, but unaffected areas on the testicles were visible.

12/24/09 - Visited same doctor about red rash on testicles, plus flu-like symptoms.  Experienced a dry cough, chills (only for one day), body aches (again, only one day), disorientation, and sore throat. I felt feverish, but never had a temperature greater than 99.4 degrees.  Was tested for both mono and strep - both negative.  Blood test showed elevated inflammation response- doctor interpreted it as an upper respiratory virus.  Told that the scrotal rash was most likely irritation / dermatitis. Told to apply hydrocortisone 1% to rash on testicles.  No improvement on penile rash - in fact, the rash had gotten redder, and seemed to become more prevalent on this day and the next.

*I later returned to the doctor because my flu-like symptoms persisted for more than a week and a half, and was prescribed Amoxicillin.  Flu-symptoms disappeared completely about 3 days later after starting the antibiotic.

12/28/09 - red rash on testicles disappeared - hydrocortisone treatment seemed to help, alleviating burning sensation for the most part, and all redness left.

12/30/09 - Noticed strange prickling sensations on scrotum, only when walking around.  When inspected no redness was found.  Penile rash still prevalent- three same cuts still present.  Strange new symptom on top side of penis- on left upper side of the penis, about half an inch down from the head, there appeared slight reddening of the skin.  Occasionally, very very small white spots appeared in this area (like a pin sized whitehead) that came and went overnight.  This has happened at least twice, with the white spots present at night, but not in the morning. The skin in this area is more sensitive than surrounding areas.  All the skin in this area is loose and wrinkly, which is not like the other healthier patches of skin on my penis.

1/2/10 - Visited doctor once more.  Redness had returned to scrotum, with slight if not noticeable burning.  Penile rash still present.  

1/9/10 - Visited doctor regarding allergies to amoxicillin.  Told the doctor that 24 days had passed and the penile rash was still present.  Received Gonorrhea and Chlamydia urine test (waiting on results to this day).  

As you can see, I'm very confused as to what I'm experiencing.  I have never had any visible blisters, ulcers, or anything that could be popped or scrapped (which makes it impossible to get a swab culture for testing HSV).
The penile rash has never hurt, itched, or burned - however, upon touch with a finger it is raw and more sensitive than surrounding skin.  Rash on testicles still persists to this day, although it has been improving over the course of the past 5 days (less red, considerably less prickling sensation when walking).  

Summary of symtpoms:
1) Red, scaly, loose skin and bunched rash on the underside of penis.  Has lasted for at least 24-25 days with slight changes in appearance.  Cuts / Tears in the skin within the rash have no healed since day one (no scaling, scabbing, puss, blood, or anything from these cuts).

2) Red burning rash on testicles, improves with hydrocortisone.  First appearance lasted about 4-6 days, followed by 2-3 days with no symptoms, then rash returned and has been once again improving with hydrocortisone

3) Slight red, bumpy and sensitive area of skin on top left shaft of penis.  On two occasions I noticed small white spots that rapidly came and went within a day.  Skin in this area is noticeably more bumpy and loose/wrinkly.

4) Strange reddening of top part of the crown.  No blisters, nothing with fluid or that could be popped - but noticeably red spots.  On close inspection today, two spots on the crown had a strange and slightly noticeable orange/yellowish tinge to them.

5) Strange red, slightly raised areas on head of penis.  Upon inspection of penis head when erect, when I squeezed blood into the head of the penis, I noticed at least a dozen of small red patches spaced around the head of the penis randomly.  These have been present for a number of weeks, but barely visible when not erect (only very slight redness).  

When erect, I cannot see the main rash on the bottom side of the penis, but I can spot the cuts.

I'm sorry for the long post, but I have been in a state of extreme anxiety for the past month with little to no answers.  I've been told by my doctor that since the rash has persisted for nearly a month, it is unlikely to be genital herpes.  Also, a rash that comes and goes with treatment of a topical steroid is certainly not herpes.  However, do any of these symptoms sound similar to herpes or any other STD?

Thank you so much for your advice!

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please, anyone?

Update: When i stretched the rash on the underside of my penis, the skin was obviously yellow compared to the surrounding areas, and the rash itself seems to consist of a multitude of incredibly small dots/bumps.  This is only when stretched.  When the rash is left alone and i don't have an erection, the skin is bunched and the rash looks like a collective whole.  

Is this symptomatic of Herpes? Based on what I've researched, herpes blisters are generally larger, and these bumps are only visible under a magnifying glass?  Anyone have any insights into the cause of a yellowish rash composed of tiny individual bumps/cuts?
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This is something that only a doctor can really diagnose...I believe herpes could present itself  in this fashion however it would be very unusual...you can take a blood test for herpes, but its too soon for the test to be 100 percent accurate at this point..I would say the odds are against herpes but NOT impossible here so you might want to take proper precautions (if you're going to continue to have sex at this time) until you have been properly diagnosed...
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Thanks, I'm making an appointment with a urologist tomorrow.  The thing is, I've seen 3 doctors on 6 different occasions, and each time they assure me it isn't herpes, but never really give me any insight into the cause of the rash; it's always the same explanation "you've got irritation / possible dermatitis!".  But where I get confused is that I've had symptoms that have basically not changed in the past month.  How could it be irritation if the last time I had rigorous sex was 24 days ago?  

Either way, based on what I've researched an outbreak of herpes does not last 24 days, and so far I haven't seen any signs of healing and/or improvements in the appearance of the rash.  Then again, I have no idea...which makes this all the more frustrating....
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Hepatitis? Ask a doctor or course, I'm just guessing here. If so, maybe get vaccinated before has time to develop? (Hepatitis has a long incubation period as far as I know).

This is just a complete guess though. I believe there are vaccines presently for Hepatitis B, and hepatitis A.
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Interesting.  I looked up symptoms of Hepatitis A and B (which I match some of, such as yellow skin on the genitals, mild influenza symptoms).  The one thing that doesn't match is that I started developing symptoms 2 days after the sexual encounter of suspect, and sources say it takes 2-6 weeks before symptoms appear.
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