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Stiff neck, Runny nose, Kidney pains and Constipation


I had vaginal sex 5 weeks ago with a CSW and the condom broke.
I was put on PEP for 4 weeks, and now have the following symptoms:
- very stiff neck from week 3 - now, I have never had this my entire life
- constipation: week 3 - now
- light kidney pain: week 5 - now
- runny nose a couple of times a day, starts very suddenly: week 5 - now
- each side of my groin has a marble-sized lump, I do not know if it was always there

Do any of these symptoms sound like herpes?

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I also experience fatigue, loss of appetite, difficulty to concentrate and periodical itch inside my penis.  

can these symptoms be associated? because most of them (as do my previous ones) appear on symptom lists.
may I ask how you conclude that these are non-related to herpes?

I am quite worried...

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no these are not related to herpes either.
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