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Street prostitue (very high risk )

Hello people
How are we in the new year? Wish I could say good.
I think I had an exposure 4 days ago!!!
I was out on the town in Asia... A country where prostition is very easy to come by and very cheap.

I had a massage from her. She was a older woman. She said she has about 4 clients a day ( sex or massage )
She gave me a handjob after a 30min massage.
She did clean my back after the massage and before the handjob... So hopefully that cleaned her hands.
She kept her clothes on all the time and no touching her vagina.

Now I do masterbate often and sure I have jock Chaf from running!!!
She used oil which looked cheap. There was  friction during the handjob.

About 4 min and I came. She wiped me with a tissue and that was that.
Now I'm very worried as I'm married.

Do I have a std concern? ( honestly my groin feels like it is on fire and comes and goes )

Do I have a chance of getting
1. Herpes ?
2. HPV ?

I'm not concerned about HIV but the above 2 I am. Especially as I feel a burning sensation. And she does this all day long and could have herpes on her hands?
I'm freaking out

Please can everyone who reads this answer and also explain your answer.

Thank you

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Have you ever masturbated with cheap oil? Some of that dries up quick and even increases friction I think? Even more that could be a sensitive place for essential oil?

I think you have friction and skin burn.

If she had herpes Whitlow which is from.what I hear extremely rare she would be in far too much pain to jerk your dick much less give a back massage.
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Thanks for the reply
Yes there was friction . I remember feeling a bit burning feel during the handjob .
Sure it was cheap oil.

But I'm seriously concerned will be going to the clinic tomorrow.

Ave never heard of skin burn and I have mastibated a lot
Never felt like I do now.

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I also need to let u know I have 3 little spots on my shaft. Concerning with the burning sensation that I feel every now and then and it's been 4 days
I would say the burning sensation started about 2.5 days after the incident
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