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Struggling for an explanation....

I have been in a monogamous relationship for 35 years - and not srayed. Neither my wife or I have huge sexual appetities - so sex is rare. We work hard and have raised kids and been very busy. My health is usually very good/excellent. Recently, I had a massive toncilitis episode - it took 2 weeks/lots antibiotics etc to recover and am still being careful regarding a relapse. However, at the end of it, I got a blister on my penis - and the blood test says HSV2. No HSV1 or other things.

Explaining it is a problem. Apart from odd situations with other men's sweat in the gym/steam room/body temp jucuzzis etc - i have to go back a long way before other sexual encounters. Hence i am stuggling to find explanations.

Could it be that I had an infection from 35 years ago (late teens) which was dormant or expressed with low symptoms. Lack of regular sex (and in some periods it was years between intercourse with my wife (sounds odd but true)) meant she didnt become infected - luck I guess. Then this massive infection hits - worst one in my life - and triggers a full outbreak?

I know what I am writing seems very unusual, but could it be so? Thanks for any advice.
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I can best help you if you get a copy of your test results to post here - e.g. hsv1 igg 4.9 and hsv2 igg 1.2 or whatever they are. then I can help you see if you need further testing done or not to confirm your hsv2 status.

did either you or your wife have other partners prior to each other?

odds are that neither of you have ever been tested for herpes before to know your status so indeed one of you could've had herpes prior to meeting each other and never knew it and it's just now making itself known. It also could be that this has nothing to do with herpes and you have a false positive hsv2 result which is why my looking at your testing will be helpful. It's really unfortunate that your provider evidently did not do a lesion culture of your symptoms and just did blood testing.

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Thanks so much for the reply. Its a great help.

I had probably 4/5 partners before we met. She did not - and i'm sure of that.

My STD report, which was taken from a blood sample, said

HSV 1 - nothing abnormal
HSV 2 - positive

Its probably not a false positive - my 'journey' with the outbreak seems to fit the experience of everyone on-line - so I believe Ive got it. The blisters are going now, and healing. Im on acyclovir (3 @ 400 mg for 5 days) then I will do 2 @ 400 mg for 2 months to suppress it.

Do you still think I need a culture?

You are right in that neither of us have been tested before - and because of the time that has elapsed, I am so confused for an explanation. Certainly the bout of toncilitis which knocked my immune system was probably the worst I've had - and am now considering having the tonsils removed.

Its just explaining it. And - even though these other encounters were way in the past, I somehow still feel ashamed etc. So, having latent HSV 2 for 35 years can happen?

Finally, although my wife has never had any symptoms - she is going to get checked.
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there are false positive issues with the hsv2 testing. I'd seek out a herpes WB blood test before you start suppressive therapy to confirm your status.  
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OK. Thanks for the advice. Will get back to you. Again, really appreciate the responses.
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I got futher testing back. My doc wanted to do igG & igM from blood tests. Also my wife was tested - negative - good.

For HSV 1 igG & igM were negative

For HSV 2 igG was postive and igM was negative

He said this means that it was not a recent infection. This begs a couple of questions?

1. He said older than 2 months - is that right?
2. if the infection is old - was i contageous up to the time of first 'outbreak' or in that very latent stage before outbreak, i was not contageous?

Doc recommendation is 2 months suppression.
3. should I do suppressive therapy - is 2 months a good span?
4. will suppression mean no outbreaks (given good health) in this period?

Thanks as always
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you are contagious within 24-48 hours after being infected whether you have noticed obvious symptoms or not.

it's unfortunate that your provider once again wasted your money by doing testing that wasn't of much help :(   At this point I would not start suppressive therapy until you've had a herpes WB  to confirm your status since the test you are having done isn't returning with numeric results from the lab.
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Sorry Grace; there were numbers, but its from memory. The trigger scores if I remember were about 1 or 2, and the igM was something like 0.26 and the igG was really high like 65. I dont think I havnt got it. I just want to know

1) was it sitting - latent - for all those years - because thats all I can think has happened

(knowing this will help)

and 2) your thoughts on suppression with acycilovir.

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can you get a copy of the results so you can post the exact results so neither of us are guessing?
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Got the figures-

igG = 62 RU/mL with borderline between 16 and 22 -- positive

igM = 0.56 UI/mL with borderline at 1.5 -- negative

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you need to repeat your testing.  you had a test that has been returning with very high rates of false positives for hsv2. find a different lab to get tested at. preferably a quest or labcorp lab.
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OK - thanks
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