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Struggling with gingivostomatitis?

Hey!  I'll try to be concise as possible here!  

I was tested near the middle of October, igg, and am negative for both hsv 1 & 2.  I've been seeing someone with varying frequency since the beginning of October and in the middle of October before my trading, had 3 additional partners.  I had the talk with all of them and I only engage in protected penetrative sex, so I've had no risky encounters as far as I know.  

I stopped seeing other people and have been exclusively with this girl since the end of October.  About 10 days ago, I got wickedly sick.  Very swollen lymph nodes in my neck and jaw, spots all over my throat and tonsils, etc.  No fever however.  I saw my physician and she said I had just caught a bad virus and would just have to ride it out.  

My symptoms didn't improve over the next few days and I woke up with what I can only describe as a fat lip and like 3 canker sores varying in size.  I went to my doctor again and discussed if he thought I was experiencing a primary hsv1 outbreak, due to my swollen gums.  He looked me over and said no, wrote me a script for Prednisone and sent me on my way.  

I responded well to the Prednisone and my selling started to go down.  I went over to Planned parenthood for a second opinion and they looked over my symptoms and said nothing I had looked like herpes, but rather hand foot mouth or herpengina.  

I went back to my primary care physician on Monday of this week because I had some new white bumps on my soft palette.  Again, I brought up the possibility of herpetic gingivitis and was told that nothing on my lip or mouth looked herpetic.  She ran a full blood screening on me, checking for mono, strep, the whole 9 yards and everything came back normal, buy I've still been left with no diagnosis other than a "viral cold". I've asked everyone I've seen as well if there's something to culture and they've all told me there's nothing they can culture from my lip.

My questions..
1) Can I take confidence in having 3 physicians tell me my "fat lip" was not herpes related?  

2) my lip sore started in about the middle of my lip, not near the outer portion but closer to the inside the mouth.  I had a constant white film on it, I did not have any lesions or blisters that popped and crusted over.  No weeping or anything, all I dealt with is bleeding from my lip. Is it possible to have a primary outbreak with no blisters at all?

3) I was going to have an igg test run again, buy it hasn't been 12 weeks since I've started seeing this girl regularly so, I was told to wait and save my money, since I'm without insurance.  Is this a good plan?

4) About 6 days after I initially got sick, I was feeling much much better and me and my partner had intercourse.  I still had the fat lip but it wasn't scabbed or weeping, it just looked like a canker sore.  Are there statistics on hsv1 transmission with a sore?

5). I'm not particularly worried about having out not having hsv, but I'm concerned for my partners.  I don't have much information other than, my doctor's said I got a virus, no one has said it's heroes.... But maybe it is?  Is that a conversation I need to have?  I only ask because I don't really have any concrete information to go with.  

Thanks for your time!  This forum is a great resource and is largely responsible for educating me on a number of syds.
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Thanks for the quick reply!  It's just been soooo frustrating, no one can give me any kind of specifo diagnosis.  I just want to take care of the other people in my life, if I need too
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1. i believe you can as herpes lip sores are very typical looking as are on the front of the lip then crust over in a few days. If youve ever seen a person with it its very noticialbe and similar in appearance.
2. again blisters are the trait and custing over.
3. I will say that 8 weeks is a good indicator.
4. not that i know of.
5. i would go with your doctors opionon but you can discuss oral hsv1 with your partner. The only real issue with oral hsv1 is that it can be passed to the genital area from giving oral sex.
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