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Sun Blisters Vs. Herpes

Around July of last year, I was with my boyfriend and other people at the shore and I got severely sunburned. as a result I ended up getting a blister on my lip. I assumed immediately it was a blister from the sun and it healed within a week or two but left a slightly reddish scar.

About 3 days ago i noticed that i was getting red in the lips in the exact place i had the blister last year. and now there is a bump and small amounts of clear fluid in them. It has not burst, but i have been very stressed in the past week, and thought that might have triggered it. now i am extremely worried it might be herpes. I plan on getting tested asap but is there any way that the sun blister i previously had was more susceptible to cause a blister now since it is in the same exact spot? or is it more likely it is herpes?

My boyfriend at the time did not have any signs of blisters or sores so i am hesitant to say if i have contracted it or not. any comments or suggestions would prove to be very helpful and relieve some of this stress i have.
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The best course of action is to have the blister swaped and sent for a culture or PCR test for herpes.  Also you should consider getting tested with a type specific igg test to see if you are positive for HSV.  

Has your boyfriend been tested to know his own status?
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http://www.ashastd.org/herpes/herpes_learn_oralherpes.cfm  is a terrific site for more reading about oral herpes.

these sound exactly like cold sores. You and your partner should consider getting tested for herpes so that you know who has what and can decide if you have any need to take any precautions or not together or oral and genital sex.

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Thank you so much everyone. well, I just recently told my boyfriend and told him to get tested. the redness is still present but there aren't any blisters. i'm confused... thanks again
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don't hesitate to see your provider for a proper work up on yourself too.

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