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Super Stressed That I Have Herpes

So on 3/9/19 I went to a massage parlor and initially decided to go through with getting a happy ending. However, after less than a minute I decided not to complete it. So I would say for no more than 1 minute, the massage therapist gave me a handjob with oil. During the 1 minute, she did grab my hand, lifted her shirt, and I caressed her breast. Nothing else sexual occurred.

The next day, I had fever like symptoms that lasted 2 days. No other symptoms until the evening of 4/6/19.

My partner was masturbating me through my boxer briefs for about 3-5 minutes when I felt a burning sensation. I ignored this and put a condom on. While I was putting the condom on, the burning increased. The next morning the upper right half of my shaft was swollen and during the next few days, blisters started to appear right below my penis head. The blisters were non painful, and I have not been itchy down there.

I went to the doctor on 4/11 and he told me it looks like Herpes lesions. So a swab test on the lesions were performed. He told me I should get results in 1-2 weeks.

I’m so stressed that I have herpes. I’ve read on here that you can’t get herpes by a handjob, but I have the symptoms.

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If you have herpes, it's not from the encounter at the massage place. Nothing you did put you at risk for it.

Can you call the doctor and ask them to make sure the cultures are typed? This will ensure that if it is herpes, you know if you have type 1 or type 2 genitally. This will save you lots of time and money later trying to figure that out. It will matter in making treatment decisions, and transmission rates are really different for each type in the genital area.

Did the doctor give you any treatment - valtrex or acyclovir? How are you feeling now?
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Sorry for the late reply. Test from swab came back as negative. During the visit, the only thing prescribed was Mupirocin 2% topical ointment. My lesions healed about a week later.

No further symptoms/outbreaks since then. So that would be a year and 2 months since I had symptoms of herpes.

But during the past 5 days or so. My penis has this burning/sore sensation here and there throughout the day. Especially when I lay on my back. I’ve also felt a little nauseous and during the last day or two, have felt the need to pee frequently (even though minimal urine comes out). Now I am nervous about this. Could this be a herpes outbreak?

I’ve read that swab test are always accurate, so this has me thinking that the test I had a year ago was a false negative. I had all the herpes symptoms (lesions that looked like herpes).

I’m just really confused and worried. Any idea what this could be?
Again, if it's herpes, it's not from that encounter. You had no risk from it, and you wouldn't see symptoms the next day. The incubation period (the time from infection to when you see symptoms) is 48 hours at the very minimum.

What you are feeling now could be as simple as a urinary tract infection, or maybe a prostate infection. It doesn't sound like herpes. You'll need to see a doctor for testing to determine what it is, exactly.

You can ask your doctor for a type specific IgG herpes blood test to see if you have herpes, but if you do, it's not from that encounter. Definitely get checked, though. It does sound as if you have something going on that needs medical attention. Let us know what happens.
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