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Swollen Itchy Lips

A week ago I posted something about cold sores. I thought it was cold sores now i'm pretty sure it's not. My lips have been swelling and itching. The sides of my face are turning red when the itching starts. There are tiny cuts on my lips, some like paper cut (opisite the way my cracks in my lips would be), some like the prick of a pin. It burns. Badly. the very edge of my lips are lit up a bright red... This is only going on mostly in the corners of my lips. I have been to the doctor for a number of things lately and I really don't want to go back. I have tried chap stick, I have tried not using chap stick. Eating things, not eating things.... This has been happening on and off for days... I also have a slight case of what I think is strawberry tongue. Nothing is getting better or worse. There are also white spots under my lips. Not bumps... not close together.. not near the redness.

An allergic reaction maybe?

please help.
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You've been seen by your doctor, what did he/she say? This does not sound indicative of herpes.

If you're not happy with your current doctor, see a different one. Quite honestly it sounds like a classic case severe chapped lips.
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This is new. I've seen a doctor recently about several other things recently
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