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Symptoms of HSV2?? Very worried

So I know in the past that I have been negative to both hsv1 and hsv2 (most recent test was in September) I have recently had a new partner.

We had intercourse on Saturday night and since Monday things have not been right down there, i tried to not overly worry about it until Monday evening i noticed that i was having extreme itchiness on the outside part (lips) of my vagina on one side, as well as distinct pains in one particular spot. I took a look last night and again this morning and saw one small red bump exactly where these sensations have been occurring and the itchiness is still going on. the bump is mildly painful to the touch.

i am just wondering if any of this sounds like the beginning of a primary herpes outbreak? i know it is probably too soon to tell whether this bump will turn into a sore/or there will become more over the course of time but i am worried sick that i am sitting here all day waiting for my first outbreak of herpes to flare up after these initial symptoms. i know i cant go to the doctor this soon, and a blood test again would be useless so i am freaking out.

again, i have seen some info on here but not to this point really. what would be the order/timeline of symptoms for an initial outbreak? and how much time between these symptoms usually is there?  thank you any help is much appreciated
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This doesn't sound like hsv. Was the sex protected or unprotected?
Hsv primary outbreaks can vary greatly. They can be so mild that people don't realize is hsv or so severe they end up in the emergancy room. A classic primary has fever, body aches, swollen groin lymph nodes and painful lesions. Hsv lesions usually progress quickly from bump to fluid filled blister in a day or two.
Most outbreaks happen 3-10 days after exposure. You can have the area swabbed and pcr tested. It's very sensitive.
okay, thank you very much for your response. i will request to get a swab done as soon as I am able to get an appointment. the sex was protected, but the condom was too small i think and did not cover the entire area.

okay, thank you, that is good to know. so if this was an initial outbreak it is pretty likely that within the days i have had symptoms/in the next few days the blisters would appear?
Most likely yes, but the odds of you contracting hsv are very very small
ok great, i am really hoping it is not. thank you, I will continue to watch this bump to see if it leisons and I have an appointment to go see the doctor tomorrow. thank you again.
hi feelingundone, I went to the clinic yesterday and they said there was nothing to take a swab of. the small two bumps are still there but she said she could not see them, they have not changed in appearance in any way since Monday. should I stop worrying about this until I can get a blood test? or is it still maybe sounding like a first outbreak?
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This is exactly what happened to me when I was diagnosed.
Could you explain your situation if you wouldnt mind? How were you diagnosed? (swab or blood test?)
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