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Symptoms of Herpes or Jock Itch?

For the last (month) my groin, the crevice itself has been periodically itchy, I figured this was due to an increase of walking during the colder months and the friction of my thighs rubbing together (I was recently in a car accident and did not really walk for four months or so) I had protected sex in October and one a night stand a few weeks prior to that where a condom was not used. The rash and itching seemed to diminish over the course of the last month but recently (after showering with hot water and using soap directly on that region (( I avoided directly washing of the area while the rash was present)) I've noticed that the itching has returned and is most prevalent after hot showers, moreover this time I have noticed a few red flat spots more so on my thigh but close to the groin area)

The spots themselves seem rather stagnant and don't hurt or itch at all, they are fairly spread out and not filled with anything, although I did see some dry skin on a few that seem to be healing as they are also less red.

I'm curious as to if this sounds more align with herpes or jock itch, I'm scheduled for a full STD through my Doctor in 2 days so will know for sure. I'm just worried.

Thanks for anything insight.
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Definitely not herpes. Sounds more like a combo of a small irritation and dry skin. Fungal at the worst. Try a good hydrating lotion without perfumes in it and jock itch cream.
Thanks for replying, I should my mother who actually told me when I started freaking out that both her and my father gave it too each other a long time ago, sort of help put things into perspective on herpes a little bit too as I've been nervously looking at all the stats and what not realizing how prevalent it really is, regardless i'm going to the Doctor and getting it looked at. I picked up some lamisil as I figured even if it were herpes it couldnt hurt ;/
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I highly doubt it hsv. Your symptoms aren't in line and the area would surely not be common for outbreaks.
As a follow up, I went into a PlannedParenthood just to it looked at the Nurse practitioner said it was more than likely jock itch and to continue using Lamisil and did not think blood work was necessary, I will still be going to my Primary Doctor and get blood work done just to make sure as I have not been tested in almost a year.
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